Harm Reversal: E-cigs 96% Safer than Combustible Cigs
The university of Catania, Italy has structured an integrated clinical research program designed to detect early changes of sub-clinical injury in ‘healthy’ smokers who have made the switch ...

  This March the Standing Committee of Health produced a report outlining recommendations for the regulation of E-cigarettes based off of evidence collected from eight meetings with a ...

Toronto board of health to review a ban on electronic cigarettes
Toronto Board of Health meeting to discuss banning electronic cigarettes The Toronto board of heath is meeting on Monday to discuss a possible municipal ban on electronic cigarettes, ...

Top scientists warn WHO not to stub out e-cigarettes
Top Scientists warn World Health Organization not to classify electronic cigarettes as tobacco products.   LONDON (Reuters) – A group of 53 leading scientists has warned the World ...

Electronic cigarettes with nicotine “very similar to drinking coffee” UK Professor reports
Electronic Cigarettes effects are very similar to drinking coffee A UK professor states electronic cigarettes with nicotine are “very similar to drinking coffee” to the body. A recent ...

Electronic cigarette Vapor vs. Cigarette Smoke – A pratcial experiment
Electronic Cigarette Vapor vs. Cigarette Smoke When people are smoking cigarettes, one of the biggest preaching points from non smokers is second hand smoke.  We have now seen ...