CE4 Clearomizer Instruction Page

CE4 Clearomizer is a revolutionary new item designed to be used with all EGO style batteries - EGO, EGO-T and EGO-C batteries. It combines the ease of use of a tank with the consistent reliable style of a cartomizer. It is simple to fill, holds 1.6ml of e-liquid, and lasts a long time. It has a sealed bottom that will not leak, and provides hours of vaping between fills. The CE4 clearomizer is disposable, but testing has shown average lifetime of 1-2 months.

Starting with your CE4

Filling up your CE4

Filling up your CE4 clearomizer is fairly straightforward. You can fill a CE4 with a standard drip tip e-liquid bottle, but it may be easier for some to use the optional needle tip. (available Here.

  1. Remove the mouthpiece by unscrewing counter-clockwise
  2. Hold the CE4 clearomizer at a 45 degree angle and begin dripping e-liquid along the inside wall of the unit until it is filled to just below the bottom of the rubber cover inside of the unit. It will hold approximately 1.8ml of e-liquid from empty.
  3. Replace mouthpiece and screw it in clockwise

A few things to keep in mind about your CE4 clearomizer:

  1. The CE4 clearomizer should never leak from the bottom, as it is a sealed unit. It can however leak from the top if set upside down or on an angle greater then horizontal. Keep this in mind when putting your e-cigarette in your pocket or purse. Always put it in a way so that the mouthpiece is facing up.
  2. You may find when the tank starts to get low you may experience more dry hits. If this happens try holding the CE4 horizontal and twirling your e-cigarette to allow the last of the e-liquid to wick into the heating coil
  3. It is a good idea to refill your CE4 before it is completely empty. It should vape well up until it has as little as 0.2ml of e-liquid remaining.
  4. Most people find the most effective way to vape is to take slower and longer draws then you would with a tobacco cigarette.
  5. In the event that e-liquid gets trapped in the airflow holes, you may hear a bubbling sound as you vape. Simply take a piece of paper towel and wrap it around the bottom of the CE4 where the airflow holes are located, and blow hard into the mouthpiece several times. This should push the e-liquid out through the air holes and onto the paper towel.

CE4 Modifications


Rubber Housing Adjustment

This modification is not normally necessary, however a small percentage of clearomizers may experience improved performance with this modification. The rubber cover that seals the mouthpiece sometimes can be a bit too long. By cutting the very bottom of the rubber it can increase the flow of e-liquid to the heating coil, thus increasing performance. NOTE: It is not recommended you do this mod unless you are having performance issues.

  1. Remove mouthpiece
  2. Using needle nosed players, gently pull the metal tube out of the CE4 clearomizer. The rubber cap on top of the heating coil will also come out.
  3. Cut about 1-2mm off of the bottom of the rubber cap.
  4. Place the metal tube back into the rubber cap.
  5. Gently re-insert the rubber cap into the clearomizer, being sure it is seated evenly on top of the heating coil.

Battery connection adjustemnet:

ON a few occasions the connection between the CE4 and the battery can be poor if the positive terminal on the CE4 is pushed in. If you find you try using your CE4 and it doesn't work at all, try adjusting the middle pin of the battery connection. Here is how:

  1. Remove CE4 from battery
  2. Look inside of the base of the CE4 (where it connects to the battery). You will see in the middle a metal circle with two slits in it. This is what you want to adjust
  3. Take a small pair of needle nosed pliers, tweezers, etc. and grab this metal circle. Gently pull this circle just a millimeter or two. This should allow it to connect better with the battery.

  4. VIDEOS:

    CLEANING YOUR CE4 CLEAROMIZER: This is a great tutorial for cleaning your CE4 clearomizer. If the inside gets gunky or your clearomizer starts under performing, giving it a little clean can sometimes revitalize it. NOTE: I recommend using distilled water to clean, not tap water.