T3 Smart 18650 Charger/Power Bank

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T3 Smart 18650 Battery Charger/Power Bank


The furture of battery charging is here! The T3 Smart charger combines a 3 bay battery charger (each bay having an independent charging circuit) and a USB power bank together in the same device. The T3 is equiped with two DC in ports, one each for Micro USB and Apple Lightning as well as two USB OUT ports for charging two seperate devices with your battery back-up. The front mouted LCD screen shows the charge level for each battery installed as well as the current voltage being transfered to any devices attached to the power supply. 

As recommened by the manufacturer, do not attempt to use your e-cigarette while it is plugged in and charging on the T3. Using a passthough device while charging could cause damage to either the T3 charger, your e-cigarette or both.


Operating Instructions -

The device will automatically turn on once a battery is installed. A single press of the power button (located near the USB-OUT ports) will toggle the LCD back light on and off, holding down the power button will turn off the device and halt all charging. 

Device Specifications -

2 x USB-OUT - 5 volt 2 amp

2 x DC-IN - 5 volt

Automatic shutdown after 20 seconds of inactivity

Automatic cut-off to prevent over charging


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