ApricoStachio (60ml)

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ApricoStachio E-Liquid - 60ml

(Formely Summer Solstice)


When we created Canadian made ApricoStachio e-liquid, we wanted to find the perfect balance between creamy and sweet, and we believe we have done it.  Aprico-Stachio e-liquid starts off with a dash of sweet apricot flavour creating a warm and light taste.  It then moves on to a creamy and slightly nutty pistachio layer, creating a slightly sweet and creamy mixture that will make you smile.  This is not an overly sweet e-liquid, and we believe it is one that you won't quickly get sick of.  It blends apricot and pistachio in a beautiful creamy and sweet medley that is sure to satisfy you.


  • All E-liquid sold with child proof Lids
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • E-Liquid sold within 90 days of manufacture
  • E-Liquid best of used within 1 year of date or purchase

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