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Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit

Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit

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Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit

Includes a 30ml bottle of Canada Vapes E-Juice Free!

Canada Vapes Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit Review

The Aspire Breeze NXT Pod System is perfect for beginner vapers looking for a device that is stylish, light-weight, and easy to use.  There are several features that make this device stand out from other pod systems such as it’s use of the Breeze NXT 0.8 ‘Push Fit’ Coil, and it’s easy adjustable airflow dial. Adjustable airflow isn’t always available with pod systems and allows the user to better customize their experience. A nice feature about the Breeze NXT is that you can replace only the coil when needed so the user is not required to dispose of the entire pod.  While remaining compact & discreet the Aspire Breeze NXT is available in a number of stunning colour options.  The large tank capacity of 5.4ml is also impressive for this AIO device and features a well designed mouthpiece & thoughtful drip tip cap to keep your vape clean.

In summary, this is a testament to the innovation & quality we’ve come to expect from Aspire.  Our in-house testers loved the large tank capacity, long lasting 1000mAh built-in battery, and the vape’s overall versatility. Canada Vapes believes the Breeze NXT is a good balance between simplicity & technology and is a great value for those looking to explore pod systems.

Your Aspire Breeze NXT Starter Kit Includes:

Aspire Breeze NXT Starter Kit features:

Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit Feature:  Charge Port – Micro USB

The AspireBreeze NXT uses a very standard micro USB charging port to refill its battery.  This charging port is available just about anywhere, from computers, to game consoles, to televisions.  This allows you to plug in your device just about anywhere!  If you want to charge this in your car we have available car adapters for your use.

Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit Feature:  Adjustable Air Flow

The Breeze NXT Vape Kit features a unique feature that allows you to tailor your drag to your personal preference which is not always common with AIO Pod Systems.  By utilizing the dial on the side of the device you will be able to increase or decrease the airflow to your personal preference.  This may require a few adjustments to find your personal ‘sweet spot’ but overall will result in a great experience long-term.  To learn more about the air flow adjustment feature please review the video at the bottom this description.

Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit Feature:  Simple e-liquid filling

The Aspire Breeze NXT Pods are filled from the side of the 5.4ml cartridge.  Simply remove the silicone stopper at the side of the pod system; this will allow you to access the filling hole which is convenient when using varying bottle sizes.  E-liquid with a 70:30 PG base is recommended for use with this vape which will provide maximum flavour, coil life, and satisfaction for MTL vapers.

Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit Feature:  Small and lightweight

Because the Aspire Breeze NXT is created using lightweight plastic materials such as durable zinc-alloy, it is much lighter than many of its metal counterparts.  The Breeze NXT is compact (96 x 35 x 20.5mm) which means it can discreetly join you anywhere without losing the benefits of a large tank & battery.

Frequently asked questions about the Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit:

Q: How long does the Breeze NXT battery last?

A:  This really depends on personal use.  The Aspire Breeze NXT has a built in 1000mAh lithium ion battery.  If you are a casual vaper, the Breeze NXT battery should last you one full day.  If you are a heavy vaper, expect to charge the Breeze NXT at least once per day.  The convenient micro USB charging port allows you to recharge your battery just about anywhere!

Q: What is your warranty on the Aspire Breeze NXT?

A: As with all of our starter kits, the Aspire Breeze NXT comes with a full 60 day warranty against manufacture defects.  This warranty only begins when the product arrives to your door.   For any issues with your Aspire Breeze NXT, you may call us at 1-844-286-VAPE, or fill out a support ticket.   You can also contact Aspire support directly at [email protected]

Q: How often should I replace my Aspire Breeze NXT Pods?

A: The life of your cartridge/pod is determined by the frequency of use and the type of e-liquid used (i.e. PG vs VG).  VG e-liquids may be thicker and therefore harder on the Aspire Breeze NXT 0.8 Meshed Coil element of the Breeze NXT. Based on the specifications of this device PG e-liquids would be ideal.  When the coil inside the pod wears down the user may experience leaking, reduction in flavor, and/or a reduction in vapour production.  If simple coil replacement does not remedy the issue replace the pod with a new one.

Aspire Breeze NXT Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions – 96mm x 35mm x 20.5mm
  • Integrated 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Direct Voltage Based Output
  • Coil Resistance: 0.8ohm
  • BYPASS Mode
  • 8s Automatic Cut-Off
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Over Heat Protection

Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit Downloads & Information:

The official Aspire Breeze NXT information page can be found HERE.

Aspire Breeze NXT Videos:

Below is a YouTube video from Aspire briefly describing the Breeze NXT, and showing you how to install a new pod, e-liquid for the first time.

Aspire Breeze NXT Starter Kit Options:

Choose your FREE 30ml Bottle

At Canada Vapes you will always receive a FREE 30ml Bottle of e-liquid with your purchase of any New Starter Kit!  You can choose one of our 8 Top Selling flavours.  Our compete e-liquid selection is available HERE.  Still not convinced?  Click HERE to see why Canada Vapes e-liquid rocks!!

* Blue Freezie * Cotton Candy * Watermelon * Canadian Smooth * Canadian Menthol * Rocket Man * Grape * Pina Colada *

Nicotine Strength

Our Canadian made e-liquid is available in 8 Nicotine Strengths which gives to flexibility & freedom to decide which will be best for your lifestyle & wellness goals.  Nicotine strengths range from 0mg/ml (no nicotine) to 24mg/ml (very high nicotine) with many options in between which makes it easy to move up or down the spectrum as your needs change.  For those new to vaping, Canada Vapes recommends starting with a nicotine strength between 6mg/ml to 12mg/ml.  For additional assistance choosing your nicotine strength please contact Customer Service at 1.844.286.VAPE.

* 0MG * 1.5MG * 3MG * 6MG * 9MG * 12MG * 16MG * 24MG *

Upgrade Free E-Liquid

When placing an order at Canada Vapes for a new Starter Kit you will have the opportunity to upgrade your FREE 30ml Bottle to a larger 60ml Bottle for a discounted price of only $10 (Regular Price $29.99).  In addition, you can choose to ‘Quadruple it’ to a 120ml Bottle at a discounted price of only $20-$25 (Regular Price $54.99).  This a massive savings on our delicious, Canadian-made e-liquid!

Aspire Breeze NXT Colours

The Aspire Breeze NXT Kit is currently available in 3 vibrant colour choices:  Black, Red, and White

Extra Coils

Add a 3 Pack of Aspire Breeze NXT 0.8 Coils to your order at a discounted price when buying them with your new Breeze NXT Starter Kit (Save 10%).

Extra Cartridge

Add an extra Aspire Breeze NXT 5.4ml Replacement Pod at a discounted price when buying them with your new Breeze NXT Starter Kit (Save 10%). Remember, the replacement pod includes a replacememnt Breeze NXT 0.8 Coil as well!

Extra AC charger

If you don’t have a computer, or available USB Port, you can add an AC Adapter to your order so you can charge anywhere there is a wall plug.

Important Links:

Click here for more Aspire Canada products.

1 review for Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit

  1. 3 out of 5

    Michael McConnell (verified purchase)

    Would be a great kit if the battery did not need to be charged so frequently. Bought 2 kits and neither one lasts for more than about 2/3 of a tank before the battery needs to be charged.

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