Carbon Friendly Business

We are actively working to reduce and replace all energy taken from the earth through various available resources.  Unlinke the Walmart of the world, our primary responsibility is not to the shareholders.  We are focusing a significant amount of time to attempt to work towards becoming as carbon neutral as possible.  Carbon neutral simply means that a company, or individual attempts to replace and reduce the amount of carbon that they use in the enviornment. 

Here are some Ways is working on carbon neutrality:

Tree Planting:

One of the biggest carbon footprints left behind by an electronic cigarette store is the creation, use, and disposal of batteries.  We sell rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which while not the most damaging battery on the marketplace, still takes its toll in their manufacturing, and eventual disposal.  We have teamed up with a company called Trees for the Future, and are committed to providing them the funding to plant one tree for each battery we sell.  Since 1989 Trees for the future has planted more than 50 million trees, in over 30 countries across the world.   A single tree will take 50lbs of carbon dioxide out of the air each year, and convert it into sustainable resources like food, shelter, and medicines, which are all sustainably used. 

Trees are nature's most amazing resource.  They are absolutely necessary for an ecosystem to thrive, as many other plants and animals require them for their survival.  They reduce carbon emissions, produce oxygen, food, shelter, and so much more for so many people and animals.  We could not think of a better way to give back than in planting trees, and are very excited to grow our forest!


Reduction around the office:

At the office, where much of our work takes place, we are actively using and looking to implement methods to lessen our carbon footprint.  Here are some of the things we do:

  • Use 100% recycled paper to print receipts
  • All defective and unused batteries are properly recycled in approved methods.  If you have a battery that is dead, we will recycle it for you in an approved manner at no charge.  Simply contact us anytime!
  • We use only enough lighting to support the work we are doing.
  • We use highly efficient computer stations, monitors, and power bars that lessen power consumption
  • We use a large recycle bin and recycle both commercial products as well as personally used items in the office.
  • We use filtered water at the office, and do not use plastic bottles.
  • We use only energy star approved electronics


We are also continuing to work on improving our setup to reduce as much waste as possible, and recycle whenever possible.  Thank you to everyone for your support of Canada Vapes!  We hope to continue to lead by example, and hope that other companies will join in and do their part to ensure that they too, are giving as much back as possible to our wonderful world!


Some useful resources on becoming more carbon Friendly:

David Suzuki: 10 ways to become carbon neutral

Carbon Fund:  How to reduce your carbon Footprint




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