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We decided to start a testimonals area separate from product reviews to give our customers a chance to provide us with some feedback.  If you would like to provide us with some feedback, just use the 'contact us' link from the main menu.

Just wanted to thank you for the recent order you sent me - it arrived very promptly, and I definitely appreciated the free sample juice you included.  You made my first purchase an excellent experience, thanks a ton!

Best,  Ali.



I was reviewing my order history and was pleasantly surprised to see that my wife and I have reduced our nicotine bill from $800 per month in nasty, smelly, expensive cigarettes to an average of $130 per month of Canada Vapes product. As a pack a day man for 45 years I can honestly say this is a big deal and you will be our supplier of choice for as long as I am around. Keep up the fabulous service and give yourselves a big pat on the back for being a positive force for us social outcast smokers!


Don't ever change,


Moe in Red Deer


Love the website refresh!

You guys are the best, actually switched to analogs for a week (and it sucked) because the vape shops around here charge nearly double and have weird pictures/juice names. I'm 41 and I felt like I was 15 going into my first head shop...

So glad my first and only experience with vaping was with you guys from the idea in my head to vape right up to selling everything I'll ever need for what I've found out to be really fair price's!

Looking forward to another year, thanks for being awesome.

I just wanted to say that CanadaVapes rocks! Your prices on Eliquids are awesome. The shipping time that it takes to where I live is ONE day. Your customer service is excellent too. You guys have a loyal customer with me. I don't order my eliquids anywhere else but CanadaVapes. I placed an order today and I forgot to add drip tips to my order. I contacted customer service, they added the drip tips I wanted to my order in time for my order to be shipped today. Thank you CanadaVapes for all of your awesome eliquids, my favorite eliquids are Marlboro and Camel. Also that you for your top notch customer service. Keep up the good work!!  Your loyal customer from Grimsby, Ontario Canada


AHHHHhhhhh!! You guys are awesome!! PERIOD! Thanks so much Howie, Shannon, Josh, Sandi, Becky and Cecelia! I tore into that package like a kitten in a catnip patch in my car! Fairly sure people watching outside the post office thought I'd lost it. lol LOVE it all!! Thanks so much!! What a great present!! And that note is getting framed! Thanks again for making my day...well, year actually!

Tim W.

Your products are great, your customer service is fantastic, ordering is so easy, and delivery is really quick. You've got a lot to be proud of!!! (Plus, your new site looks great!)

A happy customer,

I have never, ever seen a company that wants to keep their customers happy the way they do at CanadaVapes. And it shows... I bought a clearomizer from them for about 6 bucks. It burned out way before it should have (after only 3 fills). I told Josh about it and he said that it must be a dud (it happens once in a while) and that they'd send me a new one with my next order - no questions asked. In my next order I got another surprise. They sent me TWO clearomizers instead of just the one they said! These guys also know everything about e-cigs. Highly recommended. I will never buy e-cig products from anyone other than CanadaVapes. Also a few days ago I had some friends interested in the e-cig and they want to buy one. I will definitely be telling them to buy from you guys. Keep up the good work!

If every company in the world operated like CanadaVapes, people would be way happier with the way businesses conducted themselves. Most businesses operate on the almighty dollar. Sure, you have to earn money, but it is rare to see a business that wants to keep their customers happy like CanadaVapes.

Did I mention they ship SUPER fast? I submitted my order at 4pm and I received it the next day at 11am. Wow!

I rate their products 10/10 and customer service a million out of 10! - Justin

I wanted to give a comparison for anyone who has doubts on who is the best E-juice provider. CanadaVapes.com WINS hand down. I ordered from both Canada Ejuice VS Canada Vapes at the same time. I chose the basic delivery from Canada Vapes that is $10.00 and paid $50.00 express from Canada E Juice. CanadaVapes.com delivered 2 days ahead of the $50.00 express delivery from Canada E-Juice.

Lets talk about the juice. I will ONLY ever order from Canada Vapes from now on. Quality E-Juice that tastes absolutely amazing and you can tell is made with love. No complaints, have been vaping for 3 months and now smoke free! Quality customer service and they reply immediately to inquiries. Hand written thank you's and quality business cards.

So if you are looking for truly the best E-juice supplier in Canada there is no other place to turn then CanadaVapes.com!! Awesome job guys!


I must thank you for getting both my orders perfect and for the quality products you've provided me with. These e-cigs are awesome! Already, I feel my lungs getting healthier, I can breathe easier, and I've suddenly got much more energy than I had when I smoked. I have been able to switch instantly and completely from cigarettes to e-cigs without any cravings whatsoever. I plan to use these e-cigs to gradually cut down and eventually quit altogether.

I have passed on all four of the business cards you gave me to other smokers who expressed interest in my e-cig. I expect that at least two of them will switch to e-cigs. Feel free to send more business cards. They fit right in my CanadaVapes case most conveniently.

Thanks again!
John K.


I just want to let both of you know that your company has the best customer service I have ever experienced online or other.  I am a business owner myself and strive everyday to do the same.
Its class 101 on how to stay in business.It is a pleasure dealing with all of  you.  As I'm sure you have many other customers you deal with everyday.  I hope this e-mail  stands out as the compliment I mean it to be...
I haven't had a cigarette in almost a week and really did forget how good it feels not to smoke cigarettes.  Its been 20 years plus.  Also thank you for sending me a new ce5 clearomizer with no questions asked.  Its was very much
appreciated.  You guys have an amazing day.  Probably going to order something else today : )
Best regards.
Mathieu L.


You guys are unbelievable with the quality and speed of your shipping!!! I do a lot of online shopping and no one, big or small comes even close to you. Refreshing to deal with a decent group for a change.. Chris A

I would like to let you know that you and your staff are one of the most efficient & customer friendly on-line service providers I have ever dealt with.  Thank–you again. Best,  Sheila  Epp

Thanks for all you help we havent had a smoke in 5 1/2 months just had my physical alls good and no more weasing when i sleep thanks again steve & amber

Hello there folks @ Canada Vapes, I received my order this morning. Wow! Your service is quick!
Really awesome service Howie, Shannon and who ever else is involved.  This is my very first E-Cig. I am really enjoying the EC4 E-Cig. I'm Stoked!  I know I will be able to ditch my smoking habit for good with the help of this device. I usually smoke 25-30 smokes per day. Only smoked 4 today.  For me, this is a big deal.  Thank you for the sample e-liquid. I like it better than the one I chose.
Once again, awesome service.
Cheers, L.J.

No one ships this fast. You guys are awesome! You have definitely made a life-long customer in me. :D
Aiden R.
Your product strangely enough...WORKS, I was a chain smoker 2 weeks ago. My son bought me a Mini BCC, after a failed attempt at befriending the EMO model (did not work for me/not as user friendly).

Just want to thank you - this is quite unexpected, little bit of a nail biter yesterday, as I only had a few drops left of my E Liquid, ordered yesterday Thursday afternoon, and could not believe that I received it Friday afternoon (TODAY) in the mail. Thanks so much for incredible service. Regular cigarettes really taste bad to me now, and I didn't want to go back to them. Can't believe this, I started smoking about 10 years ago - THANK YOU - YOU'RE THE REAL DEAL. Happy Customer. Abbie.

I can’t thank you enough for providing such an incredible product and service.  I’ve been a pack a day smoker for 50 years.  I was very sceptical and fully prepared for disappointment but decided to go ahead.  Wow, bam, holy cow was I wrong!  One puff of the e-cigarette and that’s the end of my smelly nasty smoking habit. I was floored by the smooth delivery of the e-juice.  No more coughing, no more having to clear my throat every 10 minutes and best of all no more nasty smell.  I’m busy contacting every smoker I know and passing on my story.  I love this product and will never go back to traditional cigarettes.  Peggy B., Crofton, BC

Just a quick comment on your speed of service. Placed my order on Aug 5, order shipped on the 6th, received it on the 7th. I've never received any item that I've ordered online this quickly. Thanks :)  Brett B.

I am a new and very happy customer of Canada Vapes. I've purchased the EGO-C for myself and I am very pleased with the product and Howie's super fast shipping. Howie at Canada Vapes pointed out different ways that I can use the EGO-C and provided me with suggestions before I placed my order. If Howie recommends something to you, he is honestly trying to help, take his advice as he knows what he is doing. I look forward to dealing with Canada Vapes for years to come. 
-Marie G, Ontario
I was sure I saw a testimonial page, but I can't find it now. I just wanted to thank you for your extremely prompt, professional and friendly service. I appreciate the extras you do. There is no reason for me to shop anywhere else, and if I can send anybody else your way, I definitely will.  You are making my quitting smoking a lot easier! I may actually do it this time! - Monique

Got my order and I really love the Canada Rich. Its one of those flavours that you can't really describe but love. And the Dunhill is great as well. Thanks for the suggestion! As well, thanks yet again for superior products, customer service and most important, to me at least, your honesty and integrity!  - Tim

I find your service amazing! I can't believe how fast the orders get to me. - Pam

Thank you very much for the excellent service.  I received my device in
this morning's mail.

And I am impressed. I bought a pack of smokes (I've been smoking Captain Black cigars lately) this morning and I believe it may be the last pack I'll ever buy. I'm 48 years old and I've been smoking since I was 13. I have tried to quit... tried Champix even, with variable results. The last time I tried to quit I decided I was a smoker and likely to go to my grave a smoker.

This e-cigarette is very nice. I am surprised at the nice smoky puffs and the throat feel it provides, those were things that worried me. But I can even blow smoke rings with this I like it so much I wonder if I should have purchased some weaker e-liquid (I went for the strongest stuff) so I can enjoy puffing on it more. I had a little trouble with leakage at first. Maybe I overfilled it? Dunno... I will play with it a bit, I am good with this sort of thing. Also, thank you for the free sample of Canadian Rich. Satisfied customer, James S.

Thank you for the speedy delivery of my e-liquid. That was my first purchace from you and I am very happy with your service!
I will be a repeat customer for sure! - Blake, Victoria BC.

WOW! Howie, GREAT service AND for a holiday Monday.  I think this is the beginning of a long and fun venture with you!

Have a sweet day! - Mario

Thank you for the wonderful products and customer service you provide and enjoy the rest of your long weekend as well :) Jenny Q.

If I have any concerns I will definitely contact you before leaving feedback. Thanks for the quick reply and the link with instructions. I'm sure it will come in handy.
I'm also going to try to get my daughter and mother to start vaping. I will let them try my system. If they like it they will prob both go through me as my daughter never has any money and my dear old mom thinks internet banking is the devil (or something like that).
Anyway here's hoping we will all be vaping soon and no longer smoking! (Or at least cutting down!)  Cheers and thanks for superhuman service! - Marie


Great company to deal with. Ordered on a Sunday, shipped on a Monday and arrived at my door next day. I was pleased to find a few sample bottles of juice that i wasn't expecting.
Will definitely shop here again. - Zach





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