Bellboy Wilds (30ml)

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Bellboy Wilds


Attention Bellboy Wilds Fans:

Due to a shift in our flavouring supply chain, the Bellboy Wilds e-liquid is available in limited stock only. If Bellboy Wilds is currently not available in the nicotine strength you desire, we are recommending looking at the following alternate e-liquid flavours below:

Canadian Smooth - A light, smooth, refreshing tobacco flavour - our most popular selling e-liquid!

Northern Classic - A strong and intense tobacco e-liquid - this is a 5 star flavour!

Castlewood - Our most popular tobacco E-liquid in our True North Collection, rich and full bodied with a nutty finish.

OR, take a look at the complete list of available Canada Vapes Tobacco flavoured e-liquids by clicking HERE!


Our Bellboy Wilds will take you straight back to golden age that was the 90’s. Follow us back to your first rave. A time before the weight of the world crushed your shoulders, and it was all about you and your friends, dancing awkwardly to the Chemical Brothers.  With its golden honey wheat tobacco finish Bellboy Wilds is a rich full bodied Canadian smoke flavour perfect for anyone who vapes.


  • All E-liquid sold with child proof Lids
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • E-Liquid sold within 90 days of manufacture
  • E-Liquid best of used within 1 year of date or purchase

This e-liquid is proudly made in Canada


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