Canada Vapes Max VG

  • Made in CANADA
  • Diacetyl & acetyl propionyl free
  • Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients
  • Child Proof Bottles
  • Canadian sourced Nicotine
  • Tested by independent 3rd party lab
  • Max VG ratio
  • Manufactured under quality control


Here are some special notices for our VG line:


  • VG (Vegetable Glycerin) will make the e-liquid thicker.  It is therefore not recommended to use a VG e-liquid for small, disposable accessories such as the Tecab, s510, etc.
  • Some of our flavourings use PG (Propylene Glycol) as a base, so while the base we use for our VG line is 100% VG, some of our e-liquids may still contain 3-16% PG due to the flavouring.
  • VG will create a thicker and larger vapor than our standard e-liquid line.
  • VG  E-liquid will have a muted flavour compared to our standard e-liquid line.  This is to be expected as VG does not carry flavour as well as PG.
  • Since VG is a thicker vapor, some people may find a heaviness in the vapor when using VG e-liquid.


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