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Menthol/Mint Flavours

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    Canada Vapes best Pure Menthol E-Juice – 30ml bottles


    Menthol flavouring is one of the most popular e-juice flavours we sell.  What makes Canada Vapes menthol e-liquid so special is the way we manufacture it.  We bring in our own menthol crystals directly from the producer, and melt the menthol crystals into a pure menthol liquid base before manufacturing our menthol e-liquids.  In crystal form, menthol crystals are incredibly strong.  This allows us to use a very small percentage of menthol flavouring in our e-juice to produce incredibly authentic and real menthol taste.

    What makes our Menthol e-juices so special?

    While many other manufactures use menthol flavouring for their e-juice, because we source the crystals directly it allows us to create the most pure and fresh menthol vaping experience possible.  It also allows us to limit the percentage of menthol flavouring in our e-liquids.  Other manufactures may need to use up to 10% flavouring to re-create the menthol experience we can do with just 1-2% pure menthol flavouring, derived directly from menthol crystals.

    While menthol is historically used in tobacco, it has many other uses throughout our economy.  Menthol is used in cough drops/lozenges used to sooth sore throats and open up your nasal passages when you are stuffy.  Its also used in oral inhalers to sooth and relax the throat.  Our menthol crystals are derived directly from the menthe arvensis plant.

    Why 30ml bottles of e-juice?

    30ml bottles are smaller, and allow you to test e-liquids before making large purchases.  No one wants to purchase a 120ml bottle of e-juice, not knowing if it is the best flavour for them as it can be wasteful.  Buying your bottles in 30ml sizes allows you to test the e-juice to find the absolute best fit for your personal pallet.  It also allows you to experiment with flavours and perhaps even sharing them with your friends and family.  If you did not know this already, Canada Vapes has a number of e-juice sample packs available in 30ml bottle sizes, including a drink sample ejuice pack, a fruity sample ejuice packa tobacco sampler pack, and something we call Lord of the samplers – which incorporates our top 10 selling e-liquids – all in 30ml bottles.  This give you the chance to try a number of our best selling e-juice options before purchasing any larger bottles.

    Did you know?  History of Vaping and Canada Vapes:

    When Canada Vapes was launched in August of 2010, we only sold our e-juice in 10ml bottles.  The cost was $8.99 for a 10ml bottle.  Back in 2010 vape kits were all very small, and most of them held less then 1ml of e-juice.  This meant that a 10ml bottle would actually last most people up to a week!  Our first product improvement in early 2011 was to add 30ml bottles to our vape juice lineup.  At the time 30ml was considered a ‘large bottle’.  Now, 10 years later, the 30ml bottles are considered small bottles, and we sell bottles as big as 120ml!  Oh how times have changed in the vaping world!  

    To make it easier to find our best 30ml e-juice, we have created sub-categories within our 30ml section.  You can click the links below to filter the results by what you are looking for:

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    Special Notice:

    We have recently updated our primary e-liquid bottle sizes to 60ml.  If you don’t see the e-liquid you are looking for, check out our 60ml e-juice lineup!