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60ml E-Liquid

Canada Vapes E Juice – 60ml bottles

Are you looking to try out some of our famous vape and best ejuice?  We have been manufacturing our own exclusive Canada Vapes e-juice since 2010.  That is 12 years of craftsmanship, dedication, and knowledge poured into every bottle we sell.  Our 60ml e-juice lineup is the most popular e-liquid bottle size we sell!  If you want to go even bigger, we also have e-juice available in 120ml e-liquid sizes, should you find something you love and want more!

Why 60ml bottles of e-juice?

60ml bottles are a perfect blend between a good value, and not risking too much if you are unsure on the e-liquid flavour.   Buying your bottles in 60ml sizes allows you to have enough e-liquids to really give it a good test, but not so much that if you don’t love the flavour, you are stuck with too much.  It also allows you to experiment with flavours and perhaps even sharing them with your friends and family.  If you did not know this already, Canada Vapes has a number of e-juice sample packs available including a drink sample ejuice pack, a fruity sample ejuice pack, a tobacco sampler pack.  This give you the chance to try a number of our best selling e-juice options.

Did you know?  History of Vaping and Canada Vapes:

When Canada Vapes was launched in August of 2010, we only sold our e-juice in 10ml bottles.  The cost was $8.99 for a 10ml bottle.  Back in 2010 vape kits were all very small, and most of them held less then 1ml of e-juice.  This meant that a 10ml bottle would actually last most people up to a week!  Our first product improvement in early 2011 was to add 30ml bottles to our vape juice lineup.  At the time 30ml was considered a ‘large bottle’.  Now, 10 years later, the 30ml bottles are considered small bottles, and we sell bottles as big as 120ml!  Oh how times have changed in the vaping world!

To make it easier to find our best 60ml e-juice, we have created sub-categories within our 60ml section.  You can click the links below to filter the results by what you are looking for:

Special Notice:

We are always working on increasing our e-liquid lineup in 120ml bottles.  120ml bottles are the best value!  When you get a chance, you should check out our 120ml e-liquid bottle options!