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Kitchen Experiments

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    Now you can be part of our Team! 

    My name is Howie!  I created Canada Vapes back in 2010 and have been the ‘vape-chef’ behind many of the delicious e-liquids we sell here. I am always having fun creating new e-liquid flavours in my search for the next 'big thing'.  Before I launch them into the vape world I’m looking for people like you to review these flavours and give me some unfiltered feedback! 

    There are 3 easy to follow rules in Howie’s Kitchen:

    1. Only 1 bottle per order.

    2. You must provide us some feedback on this e-liquid – Phone or email is fine 🙂

    3. Be Honest & have fun!!

    If we get enough positive reviews from our customers on a particular 'experiment' you can expect to see this new e-liquid flavour available for sale in the near future! 


    We can't wait to get your feedback!