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Aspire CE5-S BDC Clearomizer




NOTE: The Aspire CE5-S BDC Dual Coil Clearomizer works both with the Aspire BDC coils and the new Aspire BVC Coils

If you enjoy the size of a CE4 or CE5 clearomizer, but want the power and vapor production of a dual coil, look no further then the CE5-S BDC clearomizer!  It uses our popular "Davide dual coil heating coils" which are outstanding and long lasting coils.  It’s very simple to fill, and because its bottom feeding, it greatly reduces your dry hits.  It has a pure clean taste.  There is another version of the CE5-S BDC called the CE5 BDC that is identical except It does not have the metal outside, it is clear or tinted plastic.  It is available here.


The Aspire CE5-S BDC Clearomizer has a replaceable heating coil, which means you can re-use the unit again and again, just swap out the heating coil when it burns out. 


A few little tips:

  • To fill your clearomizer:
    • Turn the unit upside down and unscrew the bottom.
    • Set the bottom unit aside.
    • Run E-liquid along the outside edge of the clearomizer, looking through the window at the side
    • Only fill until the e-liquid is just below the center airflow tube.
    • Do not get e-liquid into the center airflow tube
    • When you are done filling, keep unit upside down and screw base back in.
    • Give a gentle blow into your mouthpiece after filling to ensure the airflow tube is clear.
  • Dry Burning taste?
    • Not enough e-liquid – Refill
    • E-liquid not getting to heating element – Take several still draws without activating your battery
    • (IF APPLICABLE) Your battery voltage is set too high, turn down your battery voltage.
    • Your heating coil has worn out.  Replace heating coil.
  • Gurgling / E-liquid getting into airflow hole or into mouth?
    • Blow through your mouthpiece until no e-liquid comes out of the small intake holes as the side of your clearomizer
    • Ensure that your heating coil is firmly screwed in
    • Ensure that the base is screwed in tightly and not threaded properly
    • You have overfilled your clearomizer. 
    • Your heating coil has worn out.  Replace heating coil.


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