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Coil Master RDA DIY professional kit

Coil Master RDA DIY professional kit

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COIL MASTER RDA DIY Kit For the advanced user, this RDA tool kit provides everything you will need to make your own coils and wicks. Full Kit includes: 1x  Zip Tool Case 1x Niddle-nose pliers 1x Flush cutter pliers 1x Ceram...

Stainless Steel Tweezers

Tweezers A vapers necessity, tweezers help you get things in hard to reach places.  They are great for removing the filler from cartridges, and the occasional debris in your atomizers.  They are also great for removing the tips off of yo...

Vape Tweezers

Vape Tweezers These tweezers are a great tool to add to your vape kit.  Not only are they great for rebuilding coils, they are useful for getting a good grip on bigger tanks for refilling and changing coils. ......
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