Alternative and superior vape product replacements to Juul pod systems.

The Juul brand has been popularized by inappropriate promotion and advertising.  The Juul pod system is inferior in many ways to currently available vaping gear from other reputable vape companies, including Aspire, Uwell, and Smok.
After nearly 10 years in the vaping market, Canada Vapes knows our vape stuff.  Here is our list of the top 3 alternatives to the Juul pod system.  These vape products are higher quality, produce more vapor and a better taste, are refillable, and have longer lasting batteries.  Best of all, these vaping pod systems will cost you less then a Juul pod system.


Juul alternative #1:  Smok Infinix Kit


smok infinix starter kit better then juul

The Smok Infinix pod system holds nearly 3x as much e-liquid as the Juul devices, and can be refilled with traditional nicotine e-liquid.  No need to purchase a limited variety of flavours, with the Smok Infinix, you can choose between nearly 100 different e-liquid flavours.

The Smok Infinix is also (in our slightly subjective opinion) a sleeker and higher quality feeling device.  It is available in 3 slick colour choices, and the Smok brand has been creating the highest quality products since 2010, 5 years before Juul came into the market.  Quality, reliability, and value.

Finally, let’s discuss price point.  The Smok Infinix is much less expensive then the Juul devices, both to purchase, as well as to refill.  Get yourself a Smok Infinix Pod System Today!

Juul alternative #2:  Aspire Aio NXT:



The Aspire Aio NXT has just launched in December of 2019, and comes with it a plethora of features and options that make it absolutely dominate the Juul pod system.

While larger in size, the Aspire AIO NXT holds nearly 6x as much e-liquid as the Juul pod system.  The airflow is adjustable with a side spinning wheel, allowing you full control of how tight or loose your drags are.  The battery will last you up to 5x longer then the Juul system, and the colour choices are significantly greater, allowing customization of your vape device.

Juul alternative #3:  Uwell Caliburn:

Can we say slick!  The Uwell Caliburn is a beautiful vaping device, available in gorgeous colours.  The Uwell company has been producing the very top quality products for years now, and the reputation of Uwell is justified.

The battery of the Caliburn will outlast the Juul, and the device can be used either as draw activated – just start dragging to use – OR – using the fire button.  This gives you complete control over how you use your vape device.

The Uwell Caliburn holds an impressive 2.0ml of e-liquid, nearly 3x more e-liquid then the Juul kit.  This allows you to go 3x longer between fillings, and the pods are easy to refill, and much cheaper to fill with our exclusive e-liquid compared to replacing the pre-filled pods of Juul devices.

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Are these really better then Juul?  Absolutely!

Needless to say, there are better, less expensive, higher quality devices available on  the market then the Juul system.  Don’t be fooled by gimmicky advertising and ‘name brand’ appeal.  These three vape devices leave the Juul kit in a cloud of vapour.

Are you looking for a different style device then a pod system?  Sub ohm?  Dual battery?  Large tanks?  Review all of our excellent vape kits here.  NOTE:  All of our vape kits include a free 30ml bottle of e-liquid to get you started.