What comes with an e-cigarette starter kit?

What comes with an e-cigarette starter kit?


A commonly asked question among new customers is simply:  Exactly what comes in our electronic cigarette starter kits?  Our e-cigarette starter kits are available in our electronic cigarette store for Canadians.

NEW!  All of our starter kits now come with a complementary 10ml bottle of e-liquid (at no additional cost).  Now our e-cigarette starter kits truly do come with everything you need to get started.   Keep in mind many customers report to using about 2-3ml of e-liquid each day, so a 10ml bottle will typically last you only about a week.

Starter kits all come with 2 batteries.  Why 2 batteries?  This is so you can be charging a battery when you are using another battery.  Many people think they can ‘share’ a starter kit with their friend/wife/husband etc., but for most people this is not a good idea.  The reason is batteries take time to charge, and waiting hours for your battery to charge without being able to use it will increase your craving for nicotine.  Most people need their e-cigarette at least every hour or two, so only having one battery is not a good idea.

Our e-cigarette starter kits also come with both a USB and an AC charger option.  This means that you can either plug your batteries into the wall outlet to charge, or use a USB charger such as a computer, laptop, Playstation, etc. to charge your batteries.  If you have a cigarette lighter car charger (we sell these here), you can also use this while you are driving to charge your battery.

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Depending on the option you choose, our starter kits also come with optimal carrying cases.  These are great for people on the go, letting you keep your extra batteries, and accessories with you as you go about your day.

If you have any questions about starter kits, or choosing the right kit for you, do not hesitate to contact us anytime!