Who invented e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes)?

Who invented E-cigarettes (Electronic Cigarettes)?


While electronic cigarettes are a very new and upcoming device, electronic cigarettes were actually originally invented in 1963 by a man named Herbert A. Gilbert.  He originally called it a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette.  His invention drew moistened air through a heating element.  Likely because at the time, there was not very much negative stigma on smoking, the original electronic cigarette was not a very popular device.

Fast forward to 2003 when Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist invented an e-cigarette using piezoelectric components.  This was the first traditional electronic cigarette design, with a battery, a heating element (often called an atomizer) and a cartridge that held the liquid nicotine.   The company that Hon Like worked for changed their name to Ruyan, which literally means ‘resembling smoking’.  The e-liquid nicotine originally contained flavouring and propylene glycol as its two main ingredients along with nicotine.  Much has changed in the 10 years since Hon Lik’s invention, with variable voltage, bottom feeding glassomizers, aggressive modifications to the accessories, batteries, and even the literally thousands of varieties of e-liquid flavours.



This is an example of a first generation electronic cigarette. It was designed to look just like a traditonal tobacco cigarette.

It is amazing that in just 10 years, electronic cigarettes have become as popular as they are.  Personally, I started using an electronic cigarette four years ago, and cannot even remember the taste of a tobacco cigarette.  In Canada, we provide electronic cigarettes, accessories, and e-liquid with nicotine at our Canadian electronic cigarette store.