What is steeping e-juice/e-liquid? How do I do it?

What is e-liquid/e-juice ‘steeping‘ and how do I do it?


E-liquid steeping is quite easy to explain.  Steeping an e-liquid or e-juice simply means letting it sit in a dark cool place for a week or two with the cap off, and giving it a shake every few days.  Some e-liquids improve in flavour over time, especially if they are freshly made e-liquid.  Many e-liquids use several different flavours mixed together, and steeping an e-liquid for a few days to a few weeks often allows the e-liquid time for those flavours to come out in the e-liquid.  You may find when you order an e-liquid that is very fresh, the taste will improve with even just a few days of steeping of the e-juice.

While all e-liquids can benefit from steeping, often times fruity and candy e-liquids have the most benefits from steeping.  Just be careful, as steeping for too long can actually reduce the amount of flavour and nicotine in an e-liquid, as the flavour and nicotine will slowly evaporate from the bottle.  It is not recommend to steep an e-liquid for more than 2 weeks.

It is also a good idea to steep e-juice if you are mixing your own combinations of e-liquid.  For example, some customers like to mix tobacco flavours with fruit flavours, and steeping after you have mixed them for a day or two will improve the flavour.  Just remember to put the lid back on and give it a good shake every day or two when steeping.