Won’t I just get addicted to the e-cigarette?

Won’t I just get addicted to the e-cigarette?


The answer to this common beginner question is quite simple.  Yes, you will.  If you are a current smoker, it is the nicotine in your cigarette that you are addicted to.  This is why electronic cigarettes are considered an alternative to cigarettes.  The 4000+ other chemicals that you ingest while having a cigarette is what you are avoiding with e-cigarettes.  You are still getting your nicotine (which in studies is about as harmful for you as caffeine), you are receiving the hand-to-mouth satisfaction of a cigarette, and you are even experiencing the vapor or simulated smoke as you exhale your electronic cigarette.

So, when most people look at electronic cigarettes, they are looking at them as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, which everyone knows is one of the most harmful things you can do to your body.  The idea is to replace the tobacco cigarettes that you currently smoke with electronic cigarettes.

All of this being said, there are a growing number of customers who have transitioned away from electronic cigarettes to not smoking or vaping anything.  Typically, they will slowly reduce their e-liquid nicotine strength all the way down to zero nicotine.  At this point, the individual will not be addicted to any nicotine, as there will be no nicotine in their e-liquid.   As a result, some customers have reported they are able to stop vaping altogether quite easily.

Regardless of whether you are looking to quit smoking entirely, or to simply transition to an alternative to smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can work for you.  They are addictive, as are patches and nicotine gums, however the idea behind all of these products is removing the 4000+ other harmful chemicals that you ingest with a cigarette.

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