About us

About us

The CanadaVapes.com project began as an idea in my head in early summer of 2010. I had been vaping for about six months, and successfully went from a 17 year pack a day smoker to 100% e-cigarettes. As a life long Canadian, I found that the information available online about e-cigarettes was primarily American based. The discussions and articles about laws and government rulings was about the senate, the FDA, and the U.S. Government. I wanted to create a place designed exclusively for Canadian e-smokers to access information about smoking relative to Canada. The idea for CanadaVapes.com was born.

CanadaVapes.com is still in its infancy, but it is my goal to grow the site to become the largest portal of e-cigarette information for Canadians on the internet. It is up to us: the converted e-smokers to educate the public. The public understands very little about e-cigarettes, their benefits, and the life changing experiences that I have had, and that I hope you have had, or will have. Over the next few years, there will be a lot of interesting developments regarding the e-cigarette, both politically, socially, and environmentally. As people ‘take sides’ in the e-cigarette debate, it is even more important than ever to keep informed and up to date on Canada’s stand on e-smoking.

Get your vape on, Howie Zee Owner, CanadaVapes.com

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