Canada Vapes Update on Covid-19

To all of our customers:

This is an unprecedented time within our workplace, within our families, within our communities, within our Country, and within the world. The speed and dramatic action taken by our government over the past few weeks is saving lives but will no doubt cause concern and challenges within our Country.

Canada Vapes is doing our part.   All Month Canada Vapes is offering Free Shipping on all orders over $50  

At Canada Vapes we are doing everything we can to ensure that our customers receive their vaping products. We believe it is even more important than ever to get you your vape products with self-quarantines and restrictions in place requiring people to stay home and out of public spaces.

As of March 17, we temporarily closed the doors of our retail store in London. We will continue to operate online at and are actively working on shoring up as much hardware and e-liquid components as possible to ensure we can continue to provide our products for as long as possible.

We have also taken the government recommended regulations within our online team.  Wherever possible, all team members are now working from home.  We have adjusted the shifts of our staff to eliminate staff interactions.   We have implemented a clean and disinfect protocol for all areas of our workplace.  We have increased our ventilation system and are running our HVAC air filtration system in our lab at full capacity 24/7.  We have also mandated a strict no-lab policy for anyone not fully equipped with the required equipment (respirator mask, lab coat, gloves, hairnet, etc.).  With these changes in place, we hope to minimize any delays in your orders may take place.

Due to both recent increased order sizes and the increased challenge getting some hardware in, we have limited some of our hardware. Specifically, all starter kits under $50 have a maximum of 2 kits per order, and all coils are maxed at 3 per order.

Canada Post is taking necessary action to ensure your mail is delivered as safely as possible. For details on their actions, click HERE:  Due to increased safety protocols in increased demand Canada Post can no longer guarantee delivery times, however they are doing everything they can to keep up with this demand.

We want to thank you for your continued support over the years. This August marks our 10 year anniversary selling vaping products to Canadians! Your dedication to support us and the dedication of our excellent staff have been integral to our success. Thank you so much!

We wish everyone both safety and sanity during these challenging times.

Team Canada Vapes


Howie Founder. Smoke free since 2009 :)

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