E-cig Madness — Comparable to Reefer Madness

I’m not going to pretend to have any personal experience with the 1930’s craze surrounding marijuana and the hysteria that surrounded it back in the day.   A number of ludicrous movies were made back in the day about the dangerous affects of marijuana use, and the ability for you to go insane with just a few drags from a joint, or a few hits from a bong.  Needless to say, this hysteria scared many people into believing that weed was just about the most dangerous thing on the planet, and may have been the reason for it to be lumped together with other more harmful drugs, while alcohol got all the rights of passage.

I have heard, and I do believe to an extent that electronic cigarettes may be the 2000’s version of reefer madness.  It is a relatively new product that so many people don’t understand, and the media is quick to pounce all over it.  The government doesn’t understand it, the news reporters don’t understand it, and people are simply scared of things they don’t understand.  They can’t accept the possibility that it could be safer to use then a known cancer causing product like cigarettes.  They assume that there is some evil sinister motive behind electronic cigarettes.  All of the arguments I have read about electronic cigarettes are at best a real stretch, and many are down right lies.  It is very very important with any new product that accurate and informed information is presented, or else we may just have reefer madness 2.0 on our hands about electronic cigarettes.


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