Do e-cigarettes really taste like tobacco cigarettes?

Do e-cigarettes really taste like tobacco cigarettes?

The short answer to this question is no.  They taste BETTER then tobacco cigarettes.  E-liquid is available in many different flavours and varieties than tobacco cigarettes.  Once you get used to the taste of an e-cigarette, you will quickly develop an enjoyment of its smooth vapor and delicious taste.

There are  few reasons that e-cigarettes will never truly taste like tobacco cigarettes.  First, tobacco cigarettes IGNITE, and BURN the tobacco and paper surrounding the tobacco.  This burning taste is part of the cigarette experience.  Since e-cigarettes do not ignite or burn paper or tobacco, this same taste cannot be replicated by an e-cigarette, so the taste of e-cigarettes is different then tobacco cigarettes.

Is this a bad thing?  Absolutely not!  The burnt cigarette taste is actually what most people quickly appreciate NOT having in their e-cigarette.  What they do get is a purer tasting, more yummy flavour that is available in many tobacco, fruit, and sweet flavours that you will never get with tobacco cigarettes.

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The one thing e-cigarettes DO provide is the ‘throat hit’ or that feeling in the back of your throat when you take a drag from a tobacco cigarette.  This is provided with an e-cigarette.  The more nicotine in your e-liquid, the greater then throat hit you will feel.