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FreeMax Twister 80W | Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your FreeMax Twister 80w vape device?


If you own the FreeMax Twister 80w this page will assist you to troubleshoot many of your potential problems. Here are some of the most common issues with the FreeMax Twister 80w kit and ways you can troubleshoot them.

1. FreeMax Twister Not Holding Charge

Many a times, people face FreeMax Twister issue of it not holding any charge. Even though the vape is charged for long, it is not able to hold any of it. Below are few solutions for the same.

Solution 1: This is very common issue when it comes to internal battery mods. In many of the cases, it is the user who vapes the mod completely unless it is dead; moreover, the user further tries to continue vaping on it. This is the reason why the mod displays low battery and is also unable to get it charge. One of the users said that by keeping the dead mod in a car (hot car) and then further getting it charged when the mod is still hot had solved the issue. Though it sounds kiddish, but it worked for him.

Solution 2: Another solution for this is to plug the mod via USB, which will provide power to the whole circuit. You will need to do this even before you read the O/P voltage as per the limits given. This will end up putting a tiny amount of charge to the mod’s battery. In case the battery voltage is near to that of the cut-off voltage, you have to take it up just to that amount so that the circuit will detect as and hence a proper voltage is given and the battery again starts to charge.

2. FreeMax Twister Not Turning On

Now that the battery issues is solved, many people also face the issue of the FreeMax Twister not turning on at all though the battery is full. Below are six solutions for this issue.

Solution 1: It may happen that your device is off and hence you are getting the feel that is not turning on. Trying turning on your device.

Solution 2: As said above, it is a mere electronic device and will face issues. And hence, it may happen that the batteries of the mod are out of their life and they need a replacement.

Solution 3: Sometimes, the battery door is just not properly closed. Have a look at it.

Solution 4: You must have use uneven batteries which are not going with each other. Check for the uneven batteries.

Solution 5: The mods brightness can be very is low and hence you are unable to see if it is on or off. Also, the device can be on stealth mode.

Solution 6: Many a times, it is residues that may block the entire connection and hence the device is not turning on.

3. FreeMax Twister Low Resistance

In general, the devices tend to have information relating to ohms. For example, ‘Low Atomizer’ or ‘Ohms Too Low’ or ‘Very Low Resistance’. In the mod specifications (instruction manual), a particular resistance range will be indicated which means what the ideal resistance range that is supported by the mod. Hence, use the atomizer’s coil resistance that falls within this range.

In case low resistance is shown by the screen, the resistance is very less to get supported. This can be due to below reasons:

  • Short-circuit
  • Virtual connection
  • Problem of the coils

4. FreeMax Twister Leaking

To solve the FreeMax Twister leaking issue follow below solutions:

Solution 1: Check if the device’s coil is safe and the o-rings are tight enough.

Solution 2: It may happen that a manufacturing problem is causing all the mess. For this, simply contact the FreeMax support.

5. FreeMax Twister Red Light Blinking

To solve the FreeMax Twister red light blinking issue follow below solutions:

Solution 1: Simply screw the coil on to the tank’s top piece. Noe take the coil out and again place it back. However, screw it first to the tank’s bottom part and then to the glass and next to the tank’s top.

Solution 2: It may happen that there is some circuit issue or you may have defective component in your vape. Check for this.

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