Gurgling/Spitting Tank

Gurgling/Spitting tank TroubleshootingGurgling/Spitting tank Troubleshooting

A tank that is making gurgling/spitting sounds is one of the biggest problems we hear from customers.  This is typically a pretty easy fix, but there are a number of possible reasons your tank is gurgling or spitting at you.  We have collected a number of troubleshooting tips for you to try if your tank is gurgling or spitting e-liquid at you.  They are from most common to least common, so you can try the fixes in order.

#1 reason for a gurgling/spitting tank

You need to change your coil.  This is the easiest and quickest troubleshooting to do for your spitting or gurgling tank.  Inside many of the coils, there is filler (usually a cotton/polyester blend) that over time wears down.  The filler is how the e-liquid is delivered to your heating element, so when it starts to wear out, you will get inconsistent hits, especially ‘too wet’ hits, caused by too much e-liquid getting to your heating element.  If too much e-liquid gets to your heating element, the heating element does not have enough time to vaporize all of the e-liquid, and you get some excess hot e-liquid that will pop/spit up, sometimes into your mouth.

#2 reason for gurgling/spitting tank

Your wattage/voltage is too high.   When your coils are too hot, the e-liquid will not be able to vaporize, but some of it will actually boil, causing it to sputter and pop.  When using your e-cigarette, it is a good idea to start at a low wattage/voltage, and then slowly increase the voltage/wattage until you find the perfect settings.

#3 reason for gurgling/spitting tank

Your coil is flooded.  Sometimes your coil can get too much e-liquid inside.  This can happen for a number of reasons, including;  your tank was sitting with e-liquid in it unused for a time, your coil was hot (left in a car or in the sun, for example).  When this happens, you just need to remove your coil from the tank, and blow through your tank to remove any excess e-liquid.  It may be a good idea to remove all of the e-liquid from your tank, and vape your coil until it starts to get dry tasting.  Once your airflow passageway is cleaned out, you can add more e-liquid and you should be good to go.

This problem can also occur with some tanks when you first fill them.  This usually only happens for a few draws and goes away.

#4 reason for gurgling/spitting

Coil is brand new.  Some coils can take up to 1 tank to ‘break in’ and for the first little while they can misbehave, including gurgling and spitting.

#5 reason for gurgling/spitting

Voltage is too low.  This will apply more to gurgling than spitting, as gurgling is generally when the coil is flooded.  If you are not vaporizing enough e-liquid off of your heating element, your coil will flood causing a gurgling of e-liquid as you take a draw.