E-Dart Starter Kit Instructions

E-Dart Starter Kit Instruction page

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Instruction Manual

Thanks for purchasing the E-dart Kit!

Your kit includes:

  • 2 180mah Lithium Ion Rechargeable automatic E-Dart Batteries
  • 6 E-Dart Cartomizers
  • 1 E-Dart USB Battery Charger

NOTE:  The E-Dart is only compatible with our E-Dart accessories.



How to fill your cartridge:

Remove the cartridge from the battery.  Remove the white rubber mouthpiece from the top of the cartridge.  Fill the liquid along the side of the cartridge and be mindful not to fill in or over the airflow tube in the middle.  It is best to drip 2-3 drops in at a time, and wait for the liquid to absorb into the filler inside.  Fill until the filler becomes moist like a sponge.

Place the mouthpiece back onto the cartridge.  Connect to the battery and get your vape on!

If you overfill the cartridge, remove it from your battery, hold a paper towel at the base, and gently blow through the cartridge until no liquid comes out.  Then wipe off the cartridge and screw onto battery.





Your edart battery:

To attach the cartomizer to your battery, simply slide the two together and quarter twist the battery to the right to lock it into place.  To remove, quarter twist to the left, and slide away from cartomizer.

Charging the battery:  Plug your USB charger into a USB plug and then insert your battery and quarter twist until it locks in place.  The light on the battery will glow as the battery is charging, and will turn off once the battery is charged.  This will take 1-2 hours to complete.





  • Do not charge unattended
  • Do not use if the clearomizer is empty
  • Avoid altering the battery in any capacity and do not immerse in water
  • Only charge with appropriate charger and do not use that charger with any other type of battery


Should you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Canada Vapes directly at [email protected] or 1-844-286-VAPE.