how do e cigarettes work?

How do e-cigarettes work?

One of the first things that new customers often ask us is one of the most simple:  how do e-cigarettes work?  Whether it is a basic entry level 2 piece e-cigarette, or a super fancy sub-ohm box mod e-cigarette, all e-cigarettes work essentially the same way.  Here is how e-cigarettes work:

1.  E-cigarettes work by heating up flavored liquid into a vapor.  This liquid used in an e-cigarette is most commonly called ‘e-liquid‘ or ‘e-juice’, however some people just call it ‘juice’ or ‘liquid’, and others ‘e-cig liquid’.  It can be be purchased with or without nicotine.  This liquid is available in many flavours (we sell over 50) and many nicotine strengths (we have 5 nicotine options), but regardless, the ultimate goal of any e-cigarette is to heat up liquid into a vapor.

In order to heat e-liquid into a vapor, all e-cigarettes have 3 things.  1.  A battery.  2.  A heating element 3. An area for Basic EGO E-Cigaretteliquid to go.  That’s it, that’s all folks.  No matter how fancy or intricate the e-cigarette looks, or how large or how many buttons are on it, how an e-cigarette works is relatively simple.  The liquid goes to the heating element, the battery warms up the heating element, and vapor is produced.  You just fill your e-cigarette with liquid, and the rest is simple.

2. E-cigarettes simulate the smoking experience.  They do this in several ways:

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a) E-cigarettes produce a simulated smoke called a vapor.   To the untrained eye, the vapor produced looks like smoke, but it is not.  It is a vapor, similar to that used in fog machines at concerts.  In all current studies done on the vapor (or second hand vapor), the vapor produced is safe.

b) E-Cigarettes help with the hand-to-mouth addiction in smokers.  In ways that no other product does, by mimicking the hand-to-mouth smoking experience, e-cigarettes work by elevating the difficult fighting and stress that comes with quitting something, when after years of moving something toward and away from your mouth suddenly stops, it is a powerful addiction to break, often too difficult

c) E-cigarettes allow users to cut down gradually their nicotine consumption.  While this is not for everyone, many users start weening themselves off the nicotine altogether through e-cigarettes.  Many customers report starting with a higher nicotine strength e-liquid, and slowly over time dropping down the nicotine levels in their e-liquid until it is completely nicotine free, or very low levels of nicotine.

That is really all there is to it!  Now you know the answer to the question:  How do e-cigarettes work! 

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