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Are you having a look at the newest Joyetech vape kit?  The eRoll MAC Advanced!  Check out these reviews! Here are some full reviews from highly regarded vaping experts across the internet.  Keep in mind that these Joyetech eRoll MAC Advanced vaping reviews are from 3rd parties, and are have not been verified by

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Joyetech eRoll MAC Advanced General Information:

Portable Charging Case Specification:

  • PCC Size: 65.0mm(L)*115.0mm(W)*12.0mm(H)
  • Weight: 128.3g (Including PCC, Battery and 3 Cartridges)
  • Battery: 2000mAh
  • Max Charging Current: 2.0A
  • Color: Red/Black/Silver

Vape Pen Specification:

  • Vape Pen Size: ∅9.2*100mm
  • Cartridge Capacity: 0.55ml
  • Weight: 17.3g
  • Power Mode: Constant 3.7V Voltage Output
  • Battery: 180mAh
  • Max Charging Current: 0.5A
  • Color: Red/Black/Silver

Joyetech eRoll MAC Advanced Features:

  • Small & Sleek (Approximately the size of an actual cigarette)
  • No Complex Adjustments
  • Refillable design 0.55ml cartridge
  • 1.2ohm ceramic coil for nic-salts
  • 2000mAh charging case for all-day-long vape
  • Portable size for easy carrying
Joyetech eRoll MAC

Video Reviews of the Joyetech eRoll MAC Advanced vape kit:

There are many great reviewers on YouTube who review vaping products.  Below are a few reviews from some of the most respected YouTube vape reviewers out there. Enjoy!

IndoorSmokers Joyetech eRoll MAC Advanced Review:

This is a quick overview and review of the Joyetech eRoll MAC Advanced Kit (A.K.A. The Cigarette Killer) with some great tips on filling, replacing coils, and important details on several interesting features.

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