Making your e-liquid last longer during COVID-19

Making your e-liquid last longer during COVID-19

Making your e-liquids last longer when you’re running low

The Coronavirus pandemic has shut down much of the world including of course, our go-to retail vape shops. This has caused some supply issues, not excluding the ease of getting our hands on our favourite e-liquids.  I work in a warehouse surrounded by thousands of bottles of e-liquids each day and yet I am still very good at running out of e-liquid when I’m not at work. I have on many occasions searched like a mad woman in my car and house looking for a bottle of e-liquid in any flavour. Secretly hoping to find one of my favorites like Peppermint Pattie or Sweet-ish Berries. So as you can imagine I have become very good at stretching out my last bottle of e-liquid. Since I’m sure some of you may be in the same boat now with the temporary closure of vape shops I thought I would share a few tips on how to make your e-liquid last while you’re waiting on your online order to arrive.

Put your high powered vapes mods aside.

Or at the very least, don’t use them at their full power.  Mods are great, with their many modes that give you great control over your vaping experience and of course provide massive clouds.  However, they devour e-liquid, especially when you use them at high power levels. Fortunately, most mods come with lower power settings and can be used with a range of different resistances. The Aspire GT Nautilus Kit, for example, has a wattage range from 1 to 75, and the Smok X-Priv ranges from 6-225 watts. Whether you use wattage, voltage or temperature control you want to turn your power down to conserve your e-liquid. The more power you use, the more e-liquid you will use.

Switch to Vape pens and pods.

Many vape pens and pods work at a lower wattage range and therefore can be far more efficient with e-liquid than other devices. The Uwell Caliburn is a great option, with an output of 11 watts, it not only provides great flavour but is incredibly efficient. The Smok Nord 2 is another excellent option with a range of 1-40 watts of output and even the Aspire K3 Vape Pen packs a whole lot of flavour with each pull. These little device may be small but they are mighty, delivering great flavour while helping you conserve your e-liquid.

Use a high resistance coil.

When you use a lower wattage setting and a low resistance coil (under 1.0 ohms) you will not be getting much vapour or throat hit. Switching to a higher resistance coil will help you retain a satisfying experience while conserving your e-liquid. Low resistance coils require more power to effectively work then higher resistance coils, thereby using more e-liquid, so now is a good time to use those higher resistance coils that come with many devices.

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Use a higher Nicotine strength.

We’ve all done it, switched to a lower nicotine strength to reduce our nicotine intake, only to vape double what we did with our higher nicotine strength. There are many strength options to choose from ranging from 0 to 24 mg/ml and even higher in some nic-salt e-liquids. For the purposes of conserving your e-liquid it makes sense to switch to a stronger nicotine strength as you’ll need less e-liquid to satisfy your nicotine cravings. Please note: Nicotine is addictive.

Use a high PG e-liquid.

If you’re like me you already use primarily a high PG e-liquid and love it, but many of you use high VG e-liquids. If you need to conserve your e-liquid and follow what I said above about using high resistance coils, then you’ll want to use a higher PG liquid. High VG e-liquid is thicker than PG liquids and low resistance coils are better equipped to handle the thickness of VG with the mesh designs in many sub-ohm coils and wider ports in the coils. Using some of the very flavourful e-liquids Canada Vapes offers in a PG:VG ratio of 70:30 will help you maintain a very satisfying vaping experience.

Now, if you have been able to stock up on enough e-liquid to get you through a longer time without having to pick up more, be sure to store them properly. Keep them away from air, light and heat, which are enemies of e-liquid. Perhaps a post for another day will come with more helpful hints on how to keep your e-liquids tasty and longer lasting in storage, but until then Get Your Vape On and remember please to be kind and patient with the online vape shops that are working extra hard to keep your tanks filled and your batteries charged during this COVID-19 lockdown!

Be well and be safe,



Sandi Howard is the co-owner of Canada Vapes. She has been around since the beginning supporting the company from its birth in 2010. Her blood, sweat, and tears are a part of the foundation of this great company. She has lots of great experience and advice to share along the way!

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      We offer Canadian Smooth in both 16mg/ml and 20mg/ml, and both are available in 120ml bottles size. We hope this helps Debbie!

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