How much e-liquid will I need?

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This is a very common beginner question for those new to vaping. How much e-liquid will I need?  How many bottles of e-liquid do I need to purchase?  How much e-liquid will I go through in a day? A week? A month?

The answer to the question of how much e-liquid will you use is this:  It depends.  There are several variables when determining this answer, so let me break this down for you:

Variable #1:  How much you vape

Most people, at least when starting, tend to vape more than they smoke.  Let’s take an example:  If you are a pack a day smoker, you will usually smoke a cigarette every 45 mins during your waking hours.  In each cigarette, you may take 12-16 drags.  When vaping you may vape every 15 minutes (vs. every 45 minutes) but you will only take 3-4 drags each time vaping.  Vaping allows you to keep your nicotine levels more consistent vs. smoking, where you typically wait for a ‘nicotine crash’ and then take in a lot of nicotine at once.   The convenience of being able to vape in more places (less restrictive than smoking typically) often leads itself to people generally vaping more than smoking.

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The more you vape the more e-liquid you will use as a general rule.

Variable #2:  What device you vape with

About 4-5 years ago, before the innovation of  pod kits, sub-ohm vaping kits, and other cloud intensive tanks, most of our customers would typically vape anywhere from 1-3 ml of e-liquid per day.  With some of the newer devices that create bigger clouds, greater taste, and an overall more intense vaping experience, those same customers will use between 4 ml-10 ml of e-liquid per day.  Sub -ohm vaping has greatly increased the amount of e-liquid used overall by an individual.

If you are concerned about reducing the amount of e-liquid you use, you should avoid using a sub-ohm kit, and look at something more traditional from our recommended beginners vape kits.

Conclusion:  How much e-liquid will you use?

While these are just estimates, we have compiled a set of average usages, as indicated by our loyal customers which should help you understand how much e-liquid you might need.  We have used a comparison of potential smoking habits and type of device you are using.

E-Liquid used per day Chart:

PACKS SMOKED  PER DAY: Small E-cigarette

EX: E-Smart  Kit, Smok Novo, etc.

Pod Systems

Uwell Caliburn, Smok Infinix, etc.

Sub-Ohm Kits

EX: Smok X-Priv, Vaporesso Gen, etc.

1/2 a pack

1 pack

1 1/2 packs

2 packs

1-2 ml

3-4 ml

3-4 ml

6 ml+

3-5 ml

4-6 ml

5-7 ml

8 ml+

5-7 ml

6-8 ml

7-9 ml

10 ml+

So taking the above numbers into account, if you are a pack a day smoker, expect to use about 4-6 ml of e-liquid for a typical pod system, and 5-7 ml for a sub-ohm device.  This would mean a 60 ml bottle of e-liquid should last you between 10-15 days for a typical dual coil tank, and anywhere from 7-10 days for a sub-ohm device.  So, for a month’s worth of e-liquid, as a pack a day smoker, you would want to have 3-4 60 ml bottles for a month of vaping.  If you are purchasing your bottles in our new 120 ml bottle sizes, you can get away with 2 bottles per month.

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