SMOK NORD 2 | Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your SMOK NORD 2 vape device?

If you own the SMOK NORD 2 Pod System this page will assist you to troubleshoot many of your potential problems.  Here are some of the most common issues with the SMOK NORD 2 vape kit and ways you can troubleshoot them.

My SMOK NORD 2  is not firing when I push the button

This is a surprisingly common issue that customers have and one of the easiest to solve. SMOK NORD 2 pod system kits are shipped in a locked position.  In order to unlock your device, simply click the ‘power button’ three times quickly.  This will unlock your SMOK NORD 2.

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The other possible problem is that it is not charged.  Simply plug the unit into a charging area using a micro USB cord.  The micro USB plug is located at the bottom of your SMOK NORD 2.   When the device is charging it will indicate with a light. When the charge is complete, the light will shut off.  This charging process typically takes 60-120 minutes.  The SMOK NORD 2 can handle up to 1 amp of charge speed.

My SMOK NORD 2 is leaking

If your NORD 2 is leaking there are a number of things that should be looked at in order to stop the leaking.  There are a few common issues that could cause it to leak.

A) Coil Installed incorrectly (or not at all):   The SMOK NORD 2 pod system ships without a coil installed.  Be sure to install a coil before using your device.  The coil is also ‘push fit’ into your pod – so you don’t need to screw it in at all.  Sometimes if the coil is misaligned and not sitting fully into the pod system, it can leak from the bottom of the coil.   Check to ensure that your coil is correctly seated in the pod to reduce the chance of it leaking.

B) Cracked plastic:  If your SMOK NORD 2 pod vape kit was dropped, or if it was in a pocket or purse that got bumped around a lot, it’s possible for the plastic to have broken and cause your SMOK NORD 2 to leak. Even if you do not see a crack, if the leak is coming from near the top or sides of your pod, it is possible that the plastic has been cracked. The plastic can also crack in your NORD 2 pod system if it is left below freezing temperatures for a period of time.

C) Over Filling:  Overfilling your tank is the most likely reason for it to leak. There is a max fill line on your tank. Be sure to never fill your tank beyond the max fill line as it will leak out the top when you use it.

D) Filling area cap misaligned or missing:  The SMOK NORD 2 uses a filling cap located at the top side of the pod.  If this rubber cap is missing from your device, or if it has not been re-seated correctly, e-liquid could leak from the fill hole if the unit is set sideways.

E) Device Sitting For Too Long:  You should never store any vaping device filled with e-liquid.  Over time the e-liquid will saturate your coil and begin to leak.  If you are not planning on using your device for more then 24 hours be sure to empty all e-liquid.

F) Flying / Increased pressure:  The increased pressure of flying will make all vaping products leak; including the NORD 2.  It is best to empty all vaping devices before flying on a plane, or traveling up a large mountain.  I suppose if you are in a submarine, you could also experience leaking from your vape.

G) Over Heating:  If you leave any vape in a vehicle in the summer, especially in direct sunlight, it could leak.  Over heating the device, especially if it’s a full pod can cause the e-liquid to expand pushing it out through the o-rings or through the airflow holes.

H) Freezing:  Leaving your device in a vehicle or any area under the freezing temperature could cause it to leak.  This is because some parts are plastic and can become brittle and are then susceptible to breaking under freezing temperatures.  The ideal temperature for any vaping device is +10 to +25 degrees Celsius.

My SMOK NORD 2 tastes ‘burnt’

If your SMOK NORD 2 tastes burnt when you take a draw, there are a number of possible reasons:

A) Not enough e-liquid in pod:  Check and make sure that the pod is filled with e-liquid.   Its  a good idea to re-fill your pod before it becomes completely empty, as the last small amounts of e-liquid will have a difficult time getting to the coil to saturate the wicks.

B)  Coil is old:  As a coil starts to wear out they will be more susceptible to a burning taste, as they become less efficient at bringing the e-liquid to the heating coils inside.  Its best to replace your SMOK NORD 2 vape coils every 2-4 weeks.

C)Incorrect Wattage:  Different coils are designed to be used at different wattage.  Be sure to check the recommended wattage for your coils (they will be printed on the coils themselves, or can be viewed on our product page) and ensure that you are using your device within the correct wattage.

D) E-Liquid that is too thick:  Different coils will work better with different e-liquid viscosity.  If you find your vape tasting burnt, its possible you are using an e-liquid with a very high VG level and that is too thick to saturate the wicks in the coils, leading to burning.  Try using e-liquid that has a lower VG level (and higher PG level) to improve the flow of your e-liquid

E) Chain Vaping:  If you chain vape multiple drags in a row its possible that the e-liquid does not have enough time to travel to the wicks in your coils between drags.  Try waiting at least 15-30 seconds between drags to give the e-liquid time to re-saturate your coil.

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Do you have any additional troubleshooting tips or problems with your SMOK NORD 2 vape kit?  If so, please contact us and we would be happy to help you and add your issue to our NORD 2 Troubleshooting Guide!