storing e-liquid & How long e-liquid lasts

E-liquid/e-juice Storing & How long e-liquid lasts



E-Liquid Shelf Life:

E-liquid has a relatively long shelf life.  A closed bottle of e-liquid can keep fresh for or more years without issue.  Our e-liquid comes with a best before date, ensuring you will always be vaping fresh e-liquid.

When an e-liquid is old, there are two main things that start to deteriorate:

  1. The nicotine level will gradually reduce
  2. The flavour will gradually reduce

There are no dangers or health issues vaping old e-liquid.

Storing e-liquid:

E-liquid is best stored in a cool dark place.  Typically the top shelf of a pantry, or a high shelf in a basement would be ideal.  It is not necessary or recommended to store e-liquid in a freezer or fridge.  E-liquid will not freeze at typical temperatures due to its ingredients, however it is not recommended to freeze e-liquid.

When using cold e-liquid, it can thicken, causing it to become difficult to pour.  If you leave e-liquid outside in the winter, it is recommended to move it to a warmer area for a few hours before using.

Steeping e-liquid

Some e-liquid tastes best when freshest, while other e-liquid tastes better once it is steeped.  Steeping e-liquid is essentially letting it sit for a time for the flavours to amalgamate with each other.  This will often cause an increase in flavour. Some of our e-liquids actually taste better once steeped for a week or two.   Experiment with your e-liquid and you might find that older e-liquid actually tastes better.  This is especially true with some tobacco flavours.