Nova Scotia proposes province wide e-cigarette legislation

Nova Scotia Proposes province wide e-cigarette legislation

A new proposed legislation will proses aggressive restrictions against electronic cigarettes province wide.  These potential relations would include:

  • Restrictions of selling e-cigarettes to those 19+
  • No displaying e-cigarettes on stores
  • No advertising e-cigarettes
  • Ban the use of e-cigarettes indoors
  • Ban any ‘flavorings’ added to e-liquid, except menthol

Health Minister Leo Glavine stated that the government wants to change the definition of smoke to include water pipes and vapour from e-cigarettes.  He stated that steps are needed to address emerging evidence that e-cigarettes pose a health risk, especially to young people.  What this evidence is was not clearly defined.   There are at least 200 studies showing e-cigarettes as successful harm reduction products.

Those opposed, including imperial tobacco state that the province of Nova Scotia is making a ‘big mistake’ by regulating e-cigarettes lumped together with tobacco cigarettes.

Want to do something about this?

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We need e-cigarette users from Across Canada to ban together in an attempt to let our government know that we do not want our choices away from us.  Banning flavoured e-liquid would effectively reduce the choices for Nova Scotia vapers to no flavour and menthol.


Electronic cigarette Vapor vs. Cigarette Smoke – A pratcial experiment

Electronic Cigarette Vapor vs. Cigarette Smoke

When people are smoking cigarettes, one of the biggest preaching points from non smokers is second hand smoke.  We have now seen the dramatic negative effects of non-smokers who work in smokey envirnments for years and years.  From cancer to lung deseise to heart demise, all by just breathing in second hand smoke.

I remember back as a smoker setting up a fan in the window of my office.  I would smoke in my office and attempt to exhaust the tobacco smoke from the room with this window fan.  The realiziation of just how disgusting tobacco smoke is came after a few months when I moved the fan from the window.  There was a yellow brown stain in the exact dimensions of the fan on the screen, and it was disgusting!  All I could think of was the inside of my lungs being coated with this disgusting film.  This was after all just the second hand smoke from the room.

I’m sure many of you have had experiences like this, or other ones similar.  Cleaning the inside of the glass of a car window after smoking in it, or even house windows and walls after years of smoking.


I watched a great YouTube Video – You can see it here – About an experiment someone does comparing the second hand cigarette smoke with second hand vapor from an electronic cigarette.  While this is by no means a scientifically valid experiment, never the less, it becomes obvious very quickly in the experiment the difference between the vapor of an electronic cigarette and the smoke from a tobacco cigarette.

What this experimenter did is essentially run a full cigarette through some paper towel using the force of water coming out of a bottle.  He then did the exact same thing using an electronic cigarette.  With the paper towel with a tobacco cigarette, what you saw was very similar to what I was talking about with the yellow/brown disgusting sludge that built up with my window fan.  With the electronic cigarette, the paper towel remained completely white.  Here is a photo:

Now as I said in the beginning of this article, this is in no way a scientific experiment, however it is a pretty neat side by side comparision of e-cigarette vapor vs. tobacco smoke vapor that I think is really quite interesting.