Toronto, Ontario vaping protest wants new provincial legislation scraped

OUR Two cents:

Our 2 cents

What a great news story, showing vapers joining together in Toronto, Ontario against the restrictive Bill 45 proposed by the Ontario government.  More and more as the governmental pressures continue against vaping, it is our responsibility to show support for these types of displays, letting the government know that we are not going to simply stand by while they remove our rights and freedoms.

The statement of taking “precautionary action on e-cigarettes” as stated by the associate for the Ontario health minister clearly shows the Ontario governments’ stance on new technology like vaping.  If they don’t understand it or know what it is, they will restrict it first, then try to figure it out years later.  They will do this despite the huge amount of data, studies, and reviews by governments across the world who have already declared vaping to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in the last 100 years.  E-cigarettes have been declared by some to be 95% safer than smoking cigarettes, and are even urging Doctors to recommend e-cigarettes as an alternative to their smoking patients.



Vaping advocates took to the streets on Saturday, demanding provincial legislation passed last spring to regulate e-cigarettes go up in smoke.Image for the news result

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Around 250 people marched from busy Bay-Bloor Sts. to Queen’s Park, waving signs that read “Tobacco kills, vaping saves lives” and “I quit smoking through vaping.”

Almost everyone had their own e-cigarette or vaporizer with them. Clouds of vapour filled the air, causing at least one bystander to cover her face as she walked through the rally.

But Christopher Gray from Dash Vapes says the vapour is nowhere near as harmful as cigarette smoke.

“It doesn’t tend to stick to any of your clothing or anything like that, so it’s more a clean way to get your nicotine than through a cigarette,” he said.

The 34-year-old credits his vaporizer for helping him kick smoking.

Now he and the hundreds of rally-goers with posters pinned to their backs — indicating how long ago they had their last cigarette — want the province to stop treating vaping like smoking.

“(I’m) just here to protest our rights to Kathleen Wynne about vaping indoors and being able to try e-liquids inside vape shops,” Gray said.

The legislation bans the use of e-cigarettes in places where cigarette smoking is prohibited. The Electronic Cigarettes Act also limits the use, promotion, and sale of the devices.

Dave Duic, owner of two Toronto vape shops, shook his head at those rules.

“They want to restrict vaping in vape shops,” he said. “They want tor restrict your ability to try a flavour, which is part of the success for any individual.”

A spokesperson for Ontario’s associate health minister told the Sun last month that the World Health Organization has recommended “taking precautionary action on e-cigarettes” and that jurisdictions around the world have implemented rules to “protect people from the possible health impacts.”

By:  Maryam Shah, The Toronto Sun