Troubleshooting Vape Videos

Vaping troubleshooting videos

Whether you have a leaky tank, a coil that isn’t firing, or any number of possible issues, we have compiled a list of the top recommended e-cigarette and vaping troubleshooting videos.  These videos are not all made by CanadaVapes, so we appreciate all of the work that the various you-tubers went into to make these videos.

We also recommend you look at our e-cigarette battery troubleshooting page, troubleshooting a gurgling/spitting tank, and troubleshooting a leaking tank pages for even more tips and help.


Ego Style batteries – Ego batteries, CV spinner batteries, eGo XL batteries, etc.

A few tips on how to adjust the bottom connector pin in the Ego style batteries.


Flooded tanks and coils:

The easiest and quickest way to deal with flooded tanks – gurgling sounds wheen vaping