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Are you thinking about purchasing the UWELL Caliburn vape kit?  If so, please check out these independent product reviews.  Here are some full reviews from various highly regarded vaping experts.  Keep in mind that these UWELL Caliburn vaping reviews are from third parties, and have not been verified or evaluated by CanadaVapes.com.


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UWELL Caliburn general information:

  • Battery:  Integrated 520 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Colour Options:  Black, Grey, Red, and Rainbow
  • Size:  110mm x 21.2mm x 11.6mm
  • Construction:  Aluminum-Alloy Chassis
  • Wattage output:  11w
  • Voltage output:  3.2-4V

UWELL Caliburn features:

  • LED battery indicator light
  • Side mounted airflow holes
  • Small, lightweight, and discreet
  • Automatic (draw activated) operation or push button activation (dual mode)

UWELL Caliburn

Irish Reviewer (Reddit) Review of the UWELL Caliburn Vape Kit

REVIEW: 9/10

An independent and thorough review of the UWELL Caliburn Vaping kit showered this device with praises, calling it “The Ferrari of pod systems” and giving it an overall review of 9/10.

He states he was surprised by the strong and flavourful draw of this device.  He also notes the sleek design, and ‘very surprising’ how nice the flavour is coming out of such a small device.  The draw is not too loose or restrictive, and he has very little negative to say about the UWELL Caliburn.

He suggested that the battery life is decent, allowing about 4 hours of ‘chain vaping’ between charges, and needing less then an hour to recharge.  His only gripe is the fact that you can’t replace the coil independently from the pod.

Overall the biggest pro’s he stated for the Caliburn is the sleek & easy to use design, the fact that the pod magnetizes to the body, and rich flavour produced.  His only cons are limited battery life, inability to replace the coils independently of the pod, and occasional spitting depending on the e-liquid used.

Check out Irish Reviewer’s full review on Reddit of the UWELL Caliburn HERE.

Vaping Daily’s Review of the UWELL Caliburn Vape Kit

REVIEW: 82/100

Vaping Daily reviews did a thorough review of the UWELL Caliburn. They describe the look of the device is very simple. They suggest the unremarkable appearance and simplicity of the device is actually its biggest asset. They appreciate the chassis being aluminum alloy, and really like the quick filling capacity of the device.

Their conclusion about the UWELL Caliburn is that it is successful in design and overall high vape quality. They suggest the cartridges are easy to fill, easy to install, and have a very good life. They also stated the battery has quick USB charging and lasts a decent amount of time.

Overall, they list the pros to this device as being very easy to use, producing high-quality vapour, having a short charging time, and working well with all the liquids tested. Their only negatives to the UWELL Caliburn are the uninspired aesthetic design, and again the fact that coils are not replaceable but instead requires to replace the entire pod.

An overall score of 82/100 is pretty dang good!

To view the entire review from Vaping Daily, click HERE.

Video Reviews of the UWELL Caliburn Vape Kit

There are many great reviewers on YouTube who review vaping products.  Below are a few reviews from some of the most respected YouTube vape reviewers out there.  Enjoy!

“Suck My Mod” Review of the UWELL Caliburn

The first is from Matt, who has been in the vaping industry for over 10 years, and has reviewed hundreds of vaping devices. He calls it a pretty powerful vape; suggesting that the draw activated feature is exceptional.  He is suggesting the UWELL Caliburn has the best draw activating on a pod system on the market.  He suggests the con as having a looser draw vs. some of the other pod systems, so for some that prefer a tighter draw, it wouldn’t be for them.  For pros the vaping when charging feature is great.

Pros include the best draw activation on the market, the flavour being really nice, and a very powerful vape for a pod system – calling it warm, dense, – good stuff.  He says the pods last a good amount of time, lasting longer then other pod systems.  Build quality is nice, he likes the look of the device.  Battery life is also decent.  He finishes by exclaiming the UWELL Caliburn to be the most powerful pod vape on the market.


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