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Are you considering purchasing the UWELL Crown Pod vaping system?  Before you do, please check these reviews from some of the best vaping experts on the internet.  Keep in mind that these UWELL Crown Pod vaping reviews are from 3rd parties, and are have not been verified by CanadaVapes.com.

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UWELL Crown Pod General Information:

  • Battery:  1250mAh lithium Ion
  • Colour options: Black, Grey, Blue, and Red
  • Tank e-liquid capacity:  3ml
  • Coil:  Uwell Crown Pod 0.6ohm (direct lung) or Uwell Crown Pod 1.0ohm (mouth to lung)
  • Size:  95.6mm x 30mm x  18mm
  • Weight:  61 grams
  • Price and Availability in Canada:  Currently available at Canada Vapes

UWELL Crown Features:

  • Increased e-liquid capacity of 3.0ml (vs. UWELL Caliburn 2.0ml)
  • Increased battery power to 1250mah (vs. UWELL Caliburn 520mah)
  • Adjustable Airflow Pods
  • Slick Design with logo fire button
  • Auto draw or push to activate
  • Simple, easy to use, and easy to fill

Reviews of the UWELL Crown Pod System:

Mouth To Lung Vaping Review of the UWELL Crown Pod System

REVIEW:    89 / 100

Mouth to Lung Vaping had almost nothing but rave reviews about the UWELL Crown.  The adjustable airflow of the UWELL Crown is a game-changer, and puts it ahead of all other Caliburn pod systems.  They state that the Caliburn series produce the most vapour and have the best flavour reproduction, and the UWELL Crown is no exception.  They suggest the UWELL Crown produces “noticeably more and denser vapour than the Caliburn”.

The review suggests that if you are coming from a Caliburn system, you will notice a big improvement when using the Crown Pod Vape.  This includes better vapour production and warmth of vapour, and increased density.  It is also noted with the design of the adjustable airflow it’s much less likely to leak, and does not seem to have any issues with gurgling after filling, which is a big plus.

The only downfall MTL suggests is the overall aesthetic.  Because the device has a battery life over 2x that of the Caliburn, and has a large 3.0ml tank, the physical size is bigger then some of the other pod systems.  For some people this may be a challenge if you are looking for a super tiny discreet vape.

OKCody (Reddit) Review of the UWELL Crown Pod System

Verdict:  Buy it!

Long time user and avid vaper OKCody has done a thorough review of the UWELL Crown pod system on Reddit.  His final verdict is ‘buy it’.  He said “I’m so glad I bought it, because its f$%$king awesome”.

He notes the pros as:  Adjustable airflow, a battery long enough to last him (a chain vaper) all day, much easier refilling than the Caliburn, and great build quality.  He suggests it is the ‘perfect size’ – big enough for all day battery life, but small enough to fit in your pocket comfortably.

His only negatives surround the aesthetics of the device, calling it ‘ugly’ – but this is personal preference/subjective.

Video Reviews of the UWELL Crown Pod System:

There are many great reviewers on YouTube who review vaping products.  Below are a few reviews on the UWELL Crown from some of the most respected YouTube vape reviewers out there. Enjoy!

“Suck my Mod” Review of the UWELL Crown Pod System

Matt really likes the UWELL crown pod.  He especially loves the adjustable airflow, and really digs the longer battery life.  His main challenge with the device was the wider mouthpiece (he has a small mouth) and prefers a skinnier mouthpiece, but overall he suggests this is the best UWELL pod system on the market, and he prefers it over the others.

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