UWELL Crown Pod | Troubleshooting

Need help troubleshooting your UWELL Crown Pod vape device?

Here are some simple tips to get you vaping again!  If you own the UWELL Crown Pod ki,t this page will assist you to troubleshoot many of your potential problems.  Here are some of the most common issues with the UWELL Crown Pod kit and ways you can troubleshoot them.


My UWELL Crown Pod is not firing when I push the button

You click the button to your UWELL Crown, or start taking a draw… and nothing happens!  If your UWELL Crown pod is not turning on like it should.  Here are some troubleshooting tips to get you back up and vaping again!

A) Unlock your battery:  The UWELL Crown Pod kits are shipped in a locked position.  This means that you need to unlock your vape by pushing the button 5 times quickly to unlock.  Once it is unlocked, it will blink green to confirm it is unlocked and will work.

B) Ensure your battery is Charged:  The other simple issue is that it is not charged.  Simply plug the unit into a charging area using a micro USB cord.  The charging port is located at the bottom of your UWELL Crown device.   When the device is charging it will indicate with a light. When the charge is complete, the light will shut off.  This charging process typically takes 45-60 minutes.  You can continue to vape while you are charging the device.

C) Ensure the pod is properly seated and connected to the pins:  Inside the crown battery are two connectors that touch the bottom of your pod.  Ensure that these two connections are clean and visible, and that the pod is properly seated into the battery.   You should hear a ‘click’ when attaching the pod to the UWELL Crown pod battery.

D) An obstruction is preventing the pod connection:  Sometimes e-liquid can get onto the connecting pins and cause them to not connect.  Look at the two connections on your pod, and the two connections on your battery, and ensure that they are free of any contaminants.  Simply clean the connections with a lint free towel, and then re-seat your pod into the UWELL Crown battery.

My UWELL Crown Pod is leaking

If your UWELL Crown Pod  is leaking there are a few things that you should be looked at in order to stop the leaking.  Leaking in the UWELL Crown is unlikely, but it does happen.  These tips should get you back to vaping in no time.

A) Cracked plastic:  If your UWELL crown Pod was dropped, or if it was in a pocket or purse that got bumped around a lot, it’s possible for the plastic to have broken. Even if you do not see a crack, if you notice e-liquid when you pull your pod out of the battery, it is possible that the plastic has been cracked.  Plastic can also crack in your UWELL Crown Pod if it is left below freezing temperatures for a period of time.  How to fix:  Replace your pod with a new one.

B) Over Filling:  Overfilling your tank is the most likely reason for it to leak.  Be sure to pay careful attention to the pod when filling, and do not overfill.  If excess e-liquid comes out of the fill port, clean off with paper towel before putting the mouthpiece back on.

Did you know?  You don’t have to remove the entire pod from your battery in order to fill your UWELL Crown Pod.  You can pop the cap off, leaving the pod on the battery and fill this way.

C) Drawing Too Quickly:  If you take very fast, hard draws off just about any vaping device, including the UWELL Crown Pod, your device can be prone to leaking.  Vaping devices use the power of your inhale to pull e-liquid to the heating coils to create the vape clouds.  If you pull very long and hard on the device it is possible for some e-liquid to be pulled into the airflow chambers.  For all types of vaping, slow long drags are recommended.

D) Device Sitting For Too Long:  You should never store any vaping device filled with e-liquid.  Over time the e-liquid will saturate your coil and begin to leak.  If you are not planning on using your UWELL Crown Pod for more then 24 hours be sure to empty all e-liquid from the pod chamber.

E) Flying:  The increased pressure of flying will make all vaping products leak; even the UWELL Crown Pod.  It is best to empty all vaping devices before flying on a plane.

F) Over Heating:  If you leave any vape in a vehicle in the summer, especially in direct sunlight, it could leak.  Over heating the device can cause the e-liquid to expand pushing it out through the airflow holes.

G) Freezing:  Leaving your device in a vehicle or any area under freezing temperatures could cause it to leak.  This is because some parts are plastic that can become brittle and are then susceptible to breaking under freezing temperatures.  The ideal temperature for any vaping device is +10 to +25 degrees Celsius.

My Uwell Crown Pod is Dry hitting

If you are getting a burnt and/or dry taste when taking draw, have no fear, there are several reasons why your UWELL Crown pod is performing in this way.  Work through some of our recommendations below:

A) Low E-liquid:  Be sure to refill your UWELL Crown Pod before it is completely empty.  Even if it looks like there is some e-liquid in your pod, when the e-liquid gets close to the bottom the coil can have a hard time getting the e-liquid and can lead to burnt taste.  Make sure your e-liquid stays above the ‘min’ line on your pod.

B) Using new pod directly after filling:  It is recommended by the manufacture to wait at least 15 minutes after filling a new pod.  Give your coil and wick a chance to absorb the e-liquid before jumping in.

Did you know?  Once a pod is ‘burnt’ it is impossible to recover it to its original flavour.  The burnt taste will often remain for the duration of the pod’s life.  This is why preventative steps will reduce the risk of dry hitting & the subsequent burnt taste. Never hit your UWELL Crown Pod when low on e-liquid, and reduce long, hard draws on your device.

C)Using super high VG e-liquid:  Some high VG e-liquids are very thick, and can cause wicking issues.  Wicking is the process of your e-liquid making its way to the heating coil to be vaporized.  Its recommended to try an e-liquid with a lower VG level.

D) Take a few draws of your pod when not attached to the battery:  If you noticed dry hits, or ran your tank dry, try taking several long slow draws through your pod without it attached to your UWELL Crown pod battery.  This will help draw more e-liquid to your coil, and should eliminate the dry hits.

E)  Your pod is just too old:  Every 1-2 weeks your pods will wear out (depending on how much you use them) and will need to be replaced.  A dry hit or muted taste are often symptoms of an old pod.  Simply replace the pod with a new one.

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Do you have any additional troubleshooting tips or problems with your UWELL Crown Pod?  If so, please contact us and we would be happy to help you and add your issue to our UWELL Crown Pod Troubleshooting Guide!