Vaporesso Luxe Nano Review

Considering the purchase of a Vaporesso Luxe Nano?  Before you do, please check out these reviews from several 3rd parties, all of whom are unbiased and well respected.  Below are several full reviews from highly regarded vaping experts across the internet on the Vaporesso Luxe Nano.  Keep in mind that these Luxe Nano vaping reviews are from 3rd parties and have not been verified by

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Vaporesso Luxe Nano General Information:

  • Colour options:  Rainbow, Black, Blue, Red, Bronze
  • Battery:  2500mah built-in battery
  • Operations – 5-80W
  • Resistance Range:  0.03-5Ω
  • Display:  1.3″ TFT color screen
  • Tank e-liquid capacity:  3.5ml
  • Tank info:  SKRR-S Mini Tank
  • Thread:  510
  • Coil:  QF Mesh (0.2ohm) and QF Strips (0.15ohm) coils
  • Size:  122.8mm x 40.3mm x 26.2mm (with tank installed)
  • Weight:  75 grams
  • Price and Availability in Canada:  Currently available at Canada Vapes

Vaporesso Luxe Nano Features:

  • 0.002s ‘Insta-fire’ Technology
  • No-spit, SKRR-S Mini Tank uses SKKR QF Coils
  • Uses OMNI Board 4.2: The most advanced chipset in the vape marketplace!


Spinfuel Review of the Vaporesso Luxe Nano:

Spinfuel suggested that “Vaporesso is making some of the best vape mods around”.  And from their review, the Vaporesso Luxe Nano is no exception.  They claim that the 2500mAh battery outperforms expectations, and they experienced smooth ramping power all the way to true 80 watts.  They call the Luxe Nano “Nice and simple”, suggesting that if you like the look and feel of the original Vaporesso Luxe, you will love this one.  They call the display “gorgeous” with “nothing left out” from the original.  Vaporesso managed to keep the device simple while maintaining the great number of advanced features from the original.

The biggest standout point from Spinfuel was this:  They suggest the most important thing about the Vaporesso Luxe Nano is “how well made the Nano is when compared to other devices in the category.  From the paint-job to the button feel, nothing feels half-assed or like corners were cut.  Its quality from tip to tail, and again, our hats are tipped.”

To view Spin Fuel’s full review of the Vaporesso Luxe Nano, click HERE.

Anthony Vapes from Reddit’s Review of the Vaporesso Luxe Nano Vape Kit

Anthony Vapes does a thorough review of the Vaporesso Luxe Nano Vape Kit in his post on Reddit.  In it he suggests that the Vaporesso Luxe is easily in the top 5 mods in the world.   Anthony’s first impressions were positive. He really liked the simple and sleek design of it. He says it’s barely larger than some pods, he called it a really tiny device. Plus it’s very light, has a centered 510 connection, and a nice large color screen. He suggests that Vaporesso really nailed this mod.

As far as performance, Anthony suggested that the performance of this mod was really good. He suggests that it’s accurately rated to 80W because he was able to get 81W from it. In temperature control mode, he suggested that the mod performed great but it ran slightly high. It was smooth and consistent and the throttle was nice, as is the dry hit protection. Overall he suggested that it worked well.  As far as the charge rate in the battery, he likes the feature that showed you how many minutes until the battery was fully charged and suggested that the two amp rating was accurate. He was able to charge his battery in one hour 10 minutes and one hour 22 minutes in his two tests. He did say that the 2500mAh battery may be overstated, as is in his testing he was able to get approximately 1600mAh of power.

To review Anthony’s full Reddit review of the Vaporesso Luxe Nano, click here.

Video Reviews of the Vaporesso Luxe Nano Vape Kit

Here are a few video reviews of the Vaporesso Luxe Nano.  Enjoy!

Zophie Reviews Vaporesso Luxe Nano Review

This review is done by Zophie Reviews on YouTube.  She has reviewed dozens of vapes over the years.   After reviewing all of the features of the Luxe Nano, and comparing it with its big brother the Luxe, Zophie suggests her biggest issue with this system is the battery life.  For the big wattage (5ow+) devices, she suggests that the battery will drain quite quickly.  Not necessarily a device all day, but with the built in pass-through (allowing you to charge it while you use it) helps a lot.  She suggests it could be a better suited device for lower wattage users, but for big sub ohm huge cloud chasers, they would be better off with the original Vaporesso Luxe 220W Kit featuring the 8ml SKRR-S Tank.


Mike Vapes Luxe Nano Review

Mike likes this device a lot, but struggles with the battery life.  He suggests having a mouth to lung tank or a lower wattage tank would be better suited for this kit.  He suggests there is no other cons to this device, and think it is a great overall kit.  He loves the coils, the tank, and the design.  He says the mod is gorgeous, and reminds him of a cell phone.

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