The 510 Review

510 joye e-cigarette reviews
I have collected several reviews of the Joye 510 e-cigarette starter kit. You can purchase a 510 starter kit, along with batteries, atomizers, and accessories for the 510 in our Canadian e-cigarette store. The 510 e-cigarette is a staple of the e-cigarettes, and is by far the most popular e-cigarette among e-smokers. Its small size and powerful atomizer make it perfect for anyone making the transition from traditional tobacco smokes to e-smoking.

howie’s beginners guide – joye 510 e-cig

This is my intro to e-smoking video, where I break apart a 510 e-cig and talk about its various parts and features. You will hopefully find it informative and be able to see the 510 up close and personal. The product itself is fantastic, with the only negatives being the shorter battery life. Because the battery and unit is so small, it goes without saying that the battery life will be shorter then some of our other models.

video review of the joye 510

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terraphon made this very thorough review of the Joye 510 e-cigarette starter kit. He talks about in detail about the battery life, vapor production, throat hit, down time, consistency, and more.

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