Atomizer Tips

Atomizer Tips

Atomizers are the part that people spend the most time with. They require cleaning and maintenance to perform optimally. Here are a few videos about the atomizer, and methods and techniques to keep them operating at peak performance. You can purchase new atomizers, along with everything you will need for your electronic cigarette in my Canadian electronic cigarette store.


Atomizer Tips


Atomizer Damage Protection


This video shows how important it is to never screw on the atomizer while holding the mouthpiece. The small wires inside the atomizer can twist and break if the atomizer is not attached correctly. Thanks to pn0yb0iProductions for this video.

Cleaning your atomizer


It is important to keep your atomizer clean. Every week or two, taking steps to clean your atomizer will ensure it lasts a long time and performs great. There are a number of methods that people have used to clean your atomizer.

Cleaning your atomizer using Coca Cola – Cola products are amazing at removing built up gunk and deposits. Pretty crazy we drink this stuff, isn’t it? Thanks to jadabird77 for this video.

Giving it a quick blow – Thanks to moobybhost for this. Just a paper towel and some lung power (which you should have more of if you stopped smoking cigarettes) is all you need for a quick weekly clean.

Steam Cleaning your atty – If you have an espresso maker or steamer, Mrsmyusername has a great way to clean a dirty atomizer using steam.

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