E-Cig Mods

E-Cigarette Mods

NOTICE: Making modifications of e-cigarettes will almost always void the warranty. Making battery modifications can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

There are a number of mods you can do with your e-cigarette. Personal Vaporizer modifications generally fall into three categories:


Battery Mods: Typical battery mods are designed to increase the voltage of the e-cig, allowing for more vapor production and a more intense throat hit. This is for people who want a bigger and more aggressive hit. Battery mods can also increase the battery life of your e-cig, reducing the need to recharge your batteries.

Cartridge Mods: Cartridge mods are usually designed to either make it easier to refill your cartridge with e-liquid and to allow more e-liquid to go into your atomizer more efficiently. They are many quick and easy mods for the carts that make life better as a vapor.

Atomizer Mods: Atomizer mods can increase the flavour or throat hit of your e-cigarette.

Battery Mods


Personal Charging Case


NOTE: You can purchase a Personal charging case in our E-cigaratte E-Store.

A personal charging case (OR PCC for short) is a small metal box that can charge your batteries on the fly. Although not a traditional ‘mod’ by definition, this is a great way for owners of the 510 model e-cigarette to deal with the shorter battery life. PCC’s are available at our Canadian E-cigarette store

Cartridge Mods


Lipton Tea Bag Mod

GrimmGreen shows us a simple Lipton tea bag mod, replacing the standard foam insert that comes with the cartridge with a piece of a ‘pyramid’ style tea bag. This mod allows for more liquid to stay in the cartridge, and more liquid to be used before you need to refill your cart. This should not take more than 10 minutes to do.



Straw cartridge Mod

moobyghost has a pretty slick cartridge mod using a very thin straw added to the cartridge. This allows more airflow through the cartridge, making it fill more easily and more fully.


Atomizer Mods


Removing the Bridge

Phee shows how to remove the bridge from the atomizer. This will increase the heat of the vapor, and may increase the flavour and throat hit. This is designed for direct dripper’s only, and not for cart user. This will also void any atomizer warranties.


Please Visit our Canadian Electronic Cigarette e-store for all your e-cig needs. We carry a large selection of e-cigarettes, accessories, and e-liquid. If you are new to e-cigarettes, visit our Beginners guide, or read a few Studies completed on electronic cigarettes.