Variable Wattage vs. Variable Voltage


Variable Voltage vs. Variable Wattage

Variable Voltage Explained (VV):  Voltage is simply the power that is applied from your battery to your atomizer/tank/clearomizer.  It applies the same amount of power regardless of whether your coil is new, or 1 month old, and regardless of whether your coil is 1.2ohm or 2.1ohm.  It is essentially a ‘manual mode’ for your battery.  You can consider it the “stick shift” of e-cigarette battery world.  People who like to ‘fine tune’ their device will often prefer voltage settings vs. wattage settings.

Variable Wattage Explained (VW):  Wattage is like ‘automatic mode’ with your e-cigarette battery.  As your ohm settings on your atomizer/tank/clearomizer change, the wattage will adjust the voltage automatically to produce the same amount of power.  Wattage is like “auto transmission” for your e-cigarette battery .  As the ohms on your device change, the wattage setting will automatically increase or decrease the voltage (power your battery is applying to your coil) to keep it consistent.  People who prefer simplicity will prefer wattage settings vs. voltage settings on their e-cigarette.

Most of the smaller type ‘tube’ style e-cigarette will be in variable voltage.  Our most popular, the CV spinner batteries adjust from 3.2v – 4.8v.  This allows for precise adjustment to your vape.  Most of the larger ‘box mod‘ style batteries have both variable voltage and variable wattage options, so you can choose between variable voltage and variable wattage.