Thank you for purchasing the EGO-T starter kit! The EGO-T is the first 'big battery' tank unit on the market, and has become the favorite of many vapors. It provides a large tank reservoir to hold e-liquid, along with the convenience of a long lasting battery. While tank units can be slightly more complicated then other methods, they do provide excellent taste, throat hit, and vapour production.

Below you will find a comprehensive page of information all about the EGO-T electronic cigarette. It includes step by step instructions for first time use, breakdown of your e-cigarette, tips and techniques for getting the most out of your EGO-T, and even some videos and troubleshooting information. This page will be updated regularly as we get additional tips, questions asked, or discover additional resources pertaining to this great e-cigarette.

Your EGO-T starter kit comes complete with:

  • Two 650mah lithium ion rechargeable batteries
  • Two EGO-T atomizers
  • Five dry (empty) EGO-T Tanks
  • One needle tip bottle top
  • One USB corded charger
  • One AC Charger

Starting with your EGO-T starter kit!

STEP #1: Charge the batteries!

The batteries in your EGO-T charger come with some battery power from the manufacture, but it is recommended to charge your batteries to full capacity before their first use.


  1. Charge for 8 hours - continue charging even if USB charger light turns green
  2. Remove and use for 20 minutes
  3. Charge for an additional 1 hour

To charge the batteries you can use a standard USB plug from any computer, laptop, PS3, etc. use a wall outlet using the AC adapter. Charge time for a dead battery are approximately 2-3 hours.

NOTE: Not all USB ports are the same. It is recommend to use only USB ports that are directly connected to the computer and not extension USB ports. The voltage required for the USB charger may not be met by some laptop and extension USB connections.

When charging your battery, simply screw the battery clockwise into the USB charger until the light on the charger changes from green to red. When the light is red, the battery is charging. The light on the charger will turn green when the battery is fully charged. NOTE: The battery charger may pulse a green or yellow light during charging. This is normal. The battery is not charged until the LED light is green.

Your EGO-T batteries feature a 5 click to lock feature. Simply click your EGO-T battery button 5 times within 2 seconds and your battery will lock. IT will flash 3 times to verify it is locked. To unlock just repeat the process, clicking the battery button 5 times within 2 seconds.

Important notes and safety precautions about charging your EGO-T battery:

  • DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE BATTERIES ON THE CHARGER. Over-tightening the battery in the USB charger can cause the charger or battery to malfunction. Turn the battery slowly only until the light on the charger turns from green to red.
  • Always plug the USB charger in before the EGO-T battery. Ensure the light on the USB charger is green before charging the battery.
  • Regularly clean your EGO-T charger and batteries to prevent e-liquid from gathering in the threads. Using a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol or vodka you can clean the threads. Allow 24 hours to dry before use.
  • Do not leave batteries unattended while charging
  • Do not leave charging batteries on charger for long periods of time
  • Lithium-ion batteries can rupture, ignite, or explode when exposed to high temperature
  • Do not throw old batteries in the garbage.

STEP #2: Learn the parts of your EGO-T electronic cigarette.

EGO-T ecigarette breakdown

The EGO-T electronic cigarette is in three parts. From the bottom to the top, they are called:

  • The battery. The battery is a 650mah lithium ion rechargeable battery.
  • The EGO-T atomizer: The atomizer (atty for short) is the part of your electronic cigarette that vaporizes the e-liquid and converts the liquid into a vapor. Inside of your EGO-T atomizer is a metal spike that punctures through the hole in the bottom of your tanks. The e-liquid then feeds from the tank into your atomizer as you vape.
  • The EGO-T tank: The EGO-T tank is filled with e-liquid. You then draw from the top of your EGO-T tank which creates a vacuum pulling the e-liquid from inside of your tank into the atomizer where it is vaporized.

STEP #3: Fill your EGO-T electronic cigarette with e-liquid.

Before you fill an EGO-T tank you may have to puncture the bottom hole where the atomizer spike goes in. To do this you simply insert the EGO-T tank into the atomizer vertically, and push until you hear a click. Give your tank a small 1/4 circle twist, and then remove the tank from your atomizer. There may be a small plastic chad, or hanging piece on your tank that you should remove.

Once your tank hole has been punched, you have a few options for filling up your tank. You may use the enclosed needle tipped bottle top with a bottle of e-liquid. To do this simply insert the needle tip into the bottom hole and gently squeeze the sides of the bottle. Ensure you do not push the needle tip too far into the hole, as air must escape from the tank as you fill. Just insert it about 1/2 an inch (2-3 cm) and gently fill. You can also use a syringe with a needle tip. Finally if you do not have any other method you can remove the cap of the tank and fill it with e-liquid.

Extra tank notes:

  • When filling your EGO-T tank, always leave a few millimeters of air in the top of the tank.
  • When inserting the tank into the atomizer, do so on a vertical plane. Ensure that the tank is fully snapped in.

Now that your batteries are charged and your EGO-T is filled with e-liquid, you are ready to vape. Here are several things to keep in mind before you begin:

  1. The atomizer has primer liquid on it. The primer liquid helps to protect the atomizer from corrosion before it is used. This liquid is completely safe, but will alter the taste of the e-liquid for the first few hours of use. It will take about 10-15 draws of your e-cigarette before the primer liquid is burnt off.
  2. The EGO-T tanks can be re-used many times before being replaced. You can wash out your tanks using running hot water, leaving them to dry overnight.
  3. Most people find the most effective way to vape is to take slower and longer draws then you would with a tobacco cigarette.
  4. If you find you are getting 'dry hits', where you are not getting much vapour, and you get a hot or burnt taste, the atomizer is not getting enough e-liquid from the tank. There are several things you can try: First take a few puffs without pushing your battery button. This will draw the e-liquid into the atomizer. Second, try popping off the tank just a few millimeters then popping it back in. Finally, remove the tank and ensure the tank cap is seated snug to the tank.

Here is some more information about different parts of your e-cigarette:

The atomizer:

EGO-T atomizer breakdown

The atomizer is considered a disposable part of your e-cigarette. Atomizers typically will last anywhere from two weeks to a month or more, but they will eventually burn out and need to be replaced. To get the most out of your atomizer, here are some tips top keep in mind:

  • Keep your atomizer wet. A wet atomizer is a happy atomizer. Burning your atomizer without enough e-liquid on it will cause it to overheat and reduce its life expectancy.
  • Try to avoid taking several long draws in a row. This also keeps your atomizer from getting too hot which will reduce its life expectancy.
  • Clean your atomizer from time to time. If you find you are having reduced vapor production, throat hit, or taste from your atomizer, it may be time to clean it. There are many methods for cleaning an atomizer.
    1. Blowing it out. Take a quality paper towel and tear off a small piece about 1 inch by 3 inches. Twist the paper towel into a point and insert it into the top of the atomizer. From the bottom side (where the threads are) blow through the atomizer. Pull out the paper towel. You will see e-liquid residue on the paper towel. Repeat this step until there is no more residue on the paper towel
    2. Boil/Cola/Vodka: Many people suggest soaking an atomizer in cola or vodka overnight to help remove some of the e-liquid buildup from the atomizer. After soaking overnight, run hot water through the top of the atomizer for several minutes, and then leave the atomizer for at least 48 hours to dry. To speed up drying process you can use a hair dryer.
    3. Dry Burn: THIS MAY DAMAGE YOUR ATOMIZER IF DONE INCORRECTLY! Activate your battery with just the atomizer on it, and blow hard into the top of the atomizer. Do this for 2-3 seconds. You will see vapor coming out of the sides of your atomizer as you do this. Do this about 10-12 times, waiting 15 seconds between each blow. Do this until very little vapor comes out of the sides of the atomizer. This will burn off any e-liquid residue that has built up on your atomizer heating coil.

The Battery:

Cleaning your battery:

Over time e-liquid can get built up on the threads of your battery. Cleaning it is pretty simple to do. I recommend using a Q-Tip and some rubbing alcohol (or vodka) and inserting it into the hole at the top of the battery. Simply spin it over the threads. Repeat until the Q-Tip has no e-liquid residue on it. You can also use paper towel that is twisted up to do the same thing.

The EGO-T batteries are lithium ion and have no memory, so you do not need to completely drain your battery before recharging them. If you are planning on storing them for an extended period of time, you should discharge the batteries to around 50% and store in a cool dark place. To extend the life of your batteries, do not let them fully discharge before recharging.

If your EGO-T battery gets wet, place your battery in a zip lock bag with a cup of rice for 48 hours. The rice will draw the liquid from the battery and dry it. NOTE: Never attempt to charge or use a wet battery. This can cause the battery and/or charger to short.

The EGO-T batteries have an automatic shutoff after 12 seconds of continuous use. The battery light will blink 5 times indicating the battery automatic shutoff has been activated. After a few seconds your battery will be ready to use again. This is designed to prevent accidental discharge of the battery. When carrying your EGO-T electronic cigarette, be sure not to store it somewhere where the battery button can be pressed. The atomizer will get very hot if forced on for several seconds and create a lot of heat.

The charger:

The charger is a two piece unit, with an AC adapter as well as a USB adapter. The USB adapter can be used on its own by simply plugging it into a USB port. To charge your EGO batteries with AC power, just plug the USB charger into the USB port on the AC adapter and then plug the AC adapter into any standard wall plug. You can clean your charger threads the same way you do your battery. The spacing is tight between the battery threads and the wall of the charger, so be gentle when cleaning it. Do not leave your charger plugged in when not in use. Do not leave a charging battery unattended.

The tanks:

Your EGO-T electronic cigarette comes with 5 tanks. These tanks are blank (dry) and will need to be filled with e-liquid to work. The tanks can be re-used many times, but eventually the connection between the tanks and the atomizer will weaken.

You can buy replacement tanks here.

Tanks can be cleaned. Simply run hot water through the tank for a few minutes, from both the top and the bottom. Allow 48 hours to dry.




-- NOTE -- I recommend Vodka, distilled water or other Food Grade Alcohol.



If your batteries are not charging in your USB charger, there are a few things that can be looked at.

1. Clean your connections. The most common reason for chargers not working is that e-liqudi has gunked inside of the charger. Using a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol or vodka, gently clean the threads of both your charger and your batteries. Continue to clean until your Q-TIps come out clean. ADVANCED: There are two screws that can be removed from your charger, allowing for full access to the threads for a thorough clean.

2. Check your power source. Sometimes the USB port does not have the power to fully power the USB charger. Try another USB port, preferablly one that is connected directly to a computer.

Tank is leaking

When the tank is leaking, there are a number of possible reasons. One is that your tank lid is not sealed properly. The second is that your tank is worn out, and the hole in the bottom has become too loose. The third is that the tank is not secured tightly into the atomizer. Here are a few general tips for reducing the chances of your tank leaking:

  1. Do not overfill the tanks. Leave about 1-2mm of air in the top of the tanks.
  2. Insert the tanks vertically (up and down)
  3. Ensure the cap of the tank is snapped in securely after filling. No e-liquid should flow out of the tank when it is outside of the electronic cigarette, even when held with the cap down.
  4. Ensure the tank is 'snapped' into place. Press hard until a distinct snapping/clicking sound is heard.
  5. Never use the unit horizontally. Ensure the unit is always pointing at least slightly down
  6. Do not draw aggressively on the unit. Take longer and slower draws. This improves performance as well as reduces e-liquid being pulled into mouthpiece.
  7. Clean the tank regularly. Remove any e-liquid in the overflow prevention cap and the middle cap. You can remove the top overflow protection cap and middle cap with a paper clip. Clean and dry these parts with a paper towel.

E-Liquid is getting into the mouthpiece

Well e-liquid does not taste good to say the least, but there are several things you can do to prevent or at least greatly reduce this happening. E-liquid into the tank mouthpiece is almost always a result of one of three things. Improper airflow, a leaking tank, or too aggressive drawing through your e-cigarette. Most e-cigarettes work best with longer and gentler draws. Try increasing the length of your draws, but reducing the power of your draws. If e-liquid is leaking out of your tank and pooling on top of the metal heating coil cover it can be drawn into the air flow chambers. Ensure your tank is not leaking by using the steps above under "Tank is leaking".

Additional Options and accessories:

Cartomizer: A cartomizer contains poly fill as well as a heating coil inside of it. It holds approximately 1ml of e-liquid. Cartomizers are less expensive then atomizers, but do not last as long. They can be refilled up to 10 or more times before being replaced.

Cartomizers are sold in packs of 5 and are available for sale here. NEW! We now have low resistance cartomizers available here.

Clearomizers: A clearomizer is a device the also replaces your atomizer and cartridge. It screws directly onto the battery. It contains a heating coil and tube just like a cartomizer, but surrounding the cartomizer is a clear (or tinted) plastic (or glass) tube. The Clearomizers hold e-liquid that feeds into the cartomizer autonomically, using either holes in the sides of the cartomizer, or by using wicks that sit in the e-liquid and draw e-liquid to the clearomizer heating coil. CE4 Clearomizers are available here.

Mega EGO battery: The MEGA batteries are 900mah batteries that will last approximately 50% longer then the standard battery. They will last the average user up to 12+ hours between charging. They are approximately 1 inch longer then the standard EGO batteries. Mega batteries are available here.

EGO Cases: A great way to carry around your EGO and accessories is with a case. We sell both large and x-large cases that will fit e-liquid, extra atomizers, chargers, and extra batteries.

EGO cases come in two sizes: Large EGO cases and X-Large EGO Cases.