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Monthly Promotions @ Canada Vapes

Every month Canada Vapes launches special promotions for our amazing customer’s to keep things current, exciting, and fresh.  We are always working hard to make sure you have the best experience with us by keeping you up to date with what's new, offering plenty of variety, and making sure you get great value for your money!  Bookmark this page or sign up for our Newsletter (in the footer below) so you are always getting the best deals on all your favorite stuff.  We will post here anytime we have:

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Buy 3 Get 1 Free!:The only thing better than 3 bottles of e-liquid is 4 bottles. For the entire month of May, we're letting customers enjoy a free bottle on us when you buy 3 60ml bottles of our e-liquid. Have you been curious to try a new flavour but were afraid you'd regret not getting your go-to e-liquid? Now is the perfect time to experiment and find a new favourite to throw into the rotation! Don't miss out on this fantastic deal! Don't forget everything tastes better when it's free!

*Not applicable to Flying Monkeys E-liquid*


Spring Sampler: Spring is finally here or as it's known in Canada, the beginning of construction season. Canada Vapes is here to make your detour-filled drives more enjoyable with our Spring Sampler Pack. Our Sample Pack will help you forget about snowstorms and remind you of everything that makes Spring the best time of the year. Our fresh fruit flavours will certainly get you in the Spring mood. This Sample Pack will be available for a limited time all month long Get it while you still can!

Geek Vape S100: Canada Vapes would like to introduce the Geek Vape S100. The S100 comes equipped with industry leading tri-proof technology which means it leads the way in being dust, water, and shock resistant. If you've ever had your vape in your pocket and accidentally pressed the draw button, there is no more reason to worry. To protect you from wasting e-liquid or burning out your coil, the S100 comes with an accidental press protection function. The new 1.08" screen comes with a great user interface and helps to ensure you can adjust your custom settings for the perfect vaping experience. The 4.5ml Cerberus Tank equipped with either a Geek Vape Supermesh X2 0.4 ohm or X1 0.2 ohm Coil provides a huge amount of e-liquid while giving you an amazing throat hit!


Past Releases:

Center Ice:Face-off with Canada Vapes' new Center Ice flavour lineup! This Canadian winter may be on its way out, but our brand new Center Ice flavours are just getting warmed up....or cooled down. We have taken some of our most popular e-liquid flavours and added a deeply satisfying cooling sensation. Starting with a rich fruit or candy taste and finishing with a refreshing icy feel, they are excellent for an all-day vaping experience. If you want the cool menthol-like throat hit without the taste of mint, these are the perfect flavours for you! This new starting lineup will be available in 60ml bottles in a variety of nicotine levels, making these excellent choices for all vapers. You'll never be offside with Canada Vapes Center Ice! 

Aspire Flexus Q: Canada Vapes is excited to introduce you to the Aspire Felxus Q, the newest ultimate vaping experience. Aspire is always on the forefront of new technology and it really shows in the first product in their Flexus series. Not only does it sport a bold appearance and design, it comes with amazing technical features. The Flexus Q takes advantage of Q-Quick technology that allows you to charge this kit from 0% to 80% in 10 minutes! Aspire has also innovated in developing their new Aspire Flexus Coil to allow for outstanding airflow and perfect flavor delivery. Unlike most vapes that use pod systems, the Flexus Q has an adjustable airflow and temperature control making this the most versatile pod system in our lineup. This kit has both draw and button activation capabilities allowing you to fully customize your vaping experience!

ALLO Sync Device: Now introducing the Allo Sync device. Canada Vapes has hopped on the disposable train and is now offering something similar to the STLTH Device, and also has compatibility with STLTH Pods! It has a powerful 450mah battery life to be long lasting and get you through most of the day, heavy vapers should expect to charge it once through the day. It includes a Type-C USB charger, making charging a fast experience. The pods are sold separately, but you can find them HERE. This small, discreet vape is sought after by the mouth to lung users looking for something convenient and simple. Throw one of the disposables into the device, vape it until it's gone, then dispose of it and onto the next pod! This is perfect for a primary vape and also for someone looking for something to be on the go. We all need a backup sometimes, right?

Our in-house testers loved the ease of use of the Allo Sync Device and pods. They work perfectly together, giving you a consistent hit each time. Their unique flavours are perfectly blended and with a wide variety to give each person something that may be their new all day vape. The Type-C charging is an added bonus to this perfectly designed device, as it only takes 20 minutes to get to a full charge. With the pod and device matched together they are perfectly in sync. Sync, get it?

ALLO Ultra 1600 Disposable: Introducing the ALLO Ultra 1600 Disposable, an upgrade to the original ALLO Ultra 800 Disposables. Featuring a 1000mAh battery and 1600 puffs this is a perfect back up if a battery dies when you are on the go. If you are looking to get more of a kick with the same nicotine content, we also carry the ALLO Ultra 1600 HIT. This lightweight, ready-to-use device is similar in size to some of starter kits like the UWELL Caliburn G or the SMOK NOVO X with the only exception there is no liquid is needed to fill. Simply use this device until it is done, and the dispose of it in a safe matter.

STLTH Nicotine Delivery System: The is finally over! Canada Vapes is happy to introduce the super-popular STLTH device. This anodized device still offers the quality as the original STLTH but offers a new stylish design. The STLTH uses a variety of 2ml pre-filled disposable pods (sold separately), and Canada Vapes carries a large selection of Savage pod for your convenience (original & Bold).  The STLTH is easy & convenient, and once your pod is empty simply dispose of the pod, and slide a new one into the device! Canada Vapes loves the ease of use of this unit, it is slim, lightweight and has a long lasting 420mah internal battery which can be charged quickly with a micro USB, which one is also included in the package.

New Twelve Monkeys Classics Salts Are Here!: Introducing Twelve Monkeys Salts now available at Canada Vapes in all of the Classic flavour options! These nicotine salt flavours have been thoughtfully designed with consumer requests in mind. Featuring a 50 VG / 50 PG ratio with no added sweeteners, Canadians can now experience these great tasting flavours in their favourite pod or mouth-to-lung tank with longer coil life & enhanced flavour. Only premium ingredients were carefully balanced to ensure that all flavours taste great, are smooth on the throat and satisfy those cravings. Choose from 6 delicious flavours, including a brand new Sampler Pack! Canada Vapes is committed to offering our customers great product selection, amazing value, and mouth-watering flavour options. See you soon!


Proposed Flavour Ban: According to the Gazette 2, a flavour ban may finalize as early as 30 days from now. If this happens, adult vapers will no longer have flavour options and vape shops will lose significant business and close, resulting in a severe impact to the vaping industry. A consumer campaign has been launched to petition against the flavour ban. The goal is to achieve 250,000 consumer letters within 30 days. To achieve this, we are aiming at minimum 10 submissions a day between now and September 3rd, 2021. We need your support; there still time to make a difference. Visit the website www.saveflavours.ca, or Click HERE. Fill out the form with your full name, address, and story, and then select your auto-generated type of letter that you wish to send to your MP. Click “Send Letter.” Thank you for your support!

New Canada Vapes Vaping Information & BLOG Forum: We are proud to announce that we recently launched our new Vaping Information & BLOG website. Check in regularly to ensure you're up to speed with changes within the vape world in your neck of the woods relating to health, regulations, and vaping news. Click HERE to take a look!

New Limits Coming RE: Maximum Nicotine Strengths: Beginning on March 1st, 2021 Canada Vapes we will begin to transition to a new maximum nicotine of 20mg/ml throughout our entire core line-up. This is in line with the federal regulation expected to take effect later this Spring mandating such a cap. Here are a few things you may notice:

  • Starter Kit ‘free bottle’ maximum nicotine strength to be 20mg/ml
  • E-liquid product pages will have a 20mg/ml nicotine option added
  • E-liquid product pages will continue to list 24mg/ml listed as an option in order to sell existing stock, where applicable
  • Our Lab will no longer produce new batches of 24mg/ml
  • The new 20mg/ml cap includes both No Flavour & Nic Salt products

We thank you for your understanding during this transition period as our team works to ensure Canada Vapes remains compliant with all Provincial & Federal Guidelines.

New CRC Compliant Devices Entering Canadian Market: The Government of Canada has required that all new e-cigarette devices & accessories are to be CRC Compliant and CRC Certified by July 2021. CRC stands for Child Resistant Containers. In short, the government is making it so devices are childproof to prevent children from getting into the tanks, pods, and glassomizers that hold e-liquid. This is good thing for vaping as it reduces harm as consuming these products is dangerous!

Canada Vapes is working closely with the Canadian Vaping Association and industry leaders such as Pacific Smoke to gain clarity concerning compliance deadlines, exceptions, and how to best manage this transition. Although we are still lacking guidance on a firm deadline we expect it to be in early Summer. Our goal is to educate our customers & fans, while minimizing the impact on the customer experience.

New Everyday Low Price on Twelve Monkeys High VG Bottles: Canada Vapes never stops working hard for you! We have decided to lower our everyday price of all Twelve Monkeys High VG flavours by $5. All Classic, Circle of Life, and Ice Age collections are now Only $24.99, everyday! These are among the lowest prices in Canada folks. Twelve Monkeys High VG collections are designed for the flavour chaser in mind. Delicious, complex flavour profiles with mouthwatering taste! Dense vapor production is produced with VG/PG ratios ranging from 65VG to 90VG. Experience this award-winning collection of flavours today; now at a fantastic new price! *Excludes Nic Salts

Canada Vapes No Nicotine Now Costs Less:Many of you reading this have kicked the habit and made the switch to vaping. Congratulations as this can be a difficult transition for many! Canada Vapes wants to partner with all customers & fans to help you reach your personal lifestyle goals which may (or may not) include eliminating nicotine in your life. Everyone is different, but if 'stepping down' your nicotine levels has been on your mind, we want to make it easier and more affordable. In 2019, we introduced a 1.5mg/ml nicotine option across all our product lines, and this year we are reducing the cost of 0mg/ml nicotine options. Good luck Canada!

Home Delivery is now available in London:Simply call 519.204.8273 anytime between 9:30AM - 4:30PM, Monday to Friday. We will confirm you are within the designated delivery zone, place your order, process payment (Credit Card or E-transfer), and discuss delivery times. Sorry no payments accepted at the door.  Your order will be prepared for delivery to your home and will be picked up daily Monday - Friday at 3PM by REVV Delivery.  We promise that your order will arrive at your home no later than 7PM if your order was placed before 2:30PM that day. If you have any issues, or need to contact us about specific changes, please call 519.204.8273. We are happy to assist, and are available during the week until 4:30PM daily (excluding holidays). We are committed to an exceptional customer experience. Please contact us any time if you are not completely satisfied with the Canada Vapes Home Delivery Program.  We’ll see you soon with your order!

Introductory Offer: $5 Flat Rate Delivery, Free Delivery Over $50

Free Nationwide shipping is now available everyday on orders over $50:  Canada Vapes Ownership has made the decision to permanently offer to free shipping to all provinces & territories on all orders exceeding $50 pre-tax.  This is exciting news for those looking to pick-up some vape gear or e-liquid but don't want to spend over $100. Canada Vapes is committed to creating an exceptional customer experience, and this lower everyday shipping threshold is another example of the value Canadians can expect from our team.

All Website Restrictions Removed:  We're doing it Canada! We are flattening the curve and making progress from coast-to-coast due to the measures we are all taking every day. Because of these successful efforts we've been able to return to 'normal' as it relates to many aspects of our supply chain. This steady, reliable flow of vape hardware has allowed us to remove all product limitations from our website. Stock up on all of your favourite kits, coils, and pods today!

Curbside Pick-up is now available in London, Ontario:  Simply call 519.204.8273 anytime between 9:30AM - 4:30PM, Monday to Friday. We will be happy to take your order, process your payment, and let you know how long before your order will be ready for pick-up.  A few things to keep in mind when placing an order for curbside pick-up:

  • Order must be paid for while placing your order (E-transfer, Credit Card)
  • Please park in the designated Curbside Pick-up location upon arrival
  • Please remain in your vehicle at all times
  • Call 519.204.8273 upon arrival, and provide your name & order number
  • We do not accept any form of payment at the time of pick-up
  • Please have a form of Photo ID ready

New Sampler Packs: Canada Vapes is excited to announce the expansion of our Sampler Packs to offer greater value & variety to our customers! Whether you prefer High VG e-liquid, Nic Salts, or you just want to stay up-to-date with new CV flavours we have a Sampler Pack for you.  Each new Sampler Pack offers a thoughtful selection of the three most popular flavours with in the category at 20% to 30% offer compared to buying each bottle individually.  Check them out today!

  • Twelve Monkeys COL Sampler Pack (3 X 60ml):  Available for $69.99 (Save 20%) this Sampler Pack offers all 3 'Circle of Life' High VG flavours in one affordable bundle
  • Twelve Monkeys VG Sampler Pack (3 X 60ml):  Available for $69.99 (Save 20%) this Sampler Pack offers a selection of the most popular Twelve Monkeys High VG flavours
  • Twelve Monkeys Nic Salts Sampler Pack (3 X 30ml):  Available for $44.99 (Save 20%) this Sampler Pack offers a selection of the most popular Twelve Monkeys Nic Salt flavours
  • New E-liquids Sampler Pack (3 X 60ml): Available for $59.99 (Save 33%) this Sampler Pack offers a selection of the most recent 3 CV Flavours launched

New 120ml Flavour Options:  The following flavours are now available in 120ml size bottles; perfect for getting the most bang for your buck!

Do More Eh Expansion:  Effective immediately Do More Eh tobacco flavoured e-liquid is now available in all sizes. This includes 30ml60ml, and 120ml bottles!

New Everyday Low Price on 120ml Bottles:  All 120ml Bottles are now available at the new, everyday low price of $49.99. Yes, you are reading this correctly...

Better Business Bureau Accreditation: We are proud to announce that Canada Vapes has earned Better Business Bureau Accreditation!  This represents yet another layer of assurance & peace of mind for our legions of customers from coast-to-coast.  We work hard as an industry leader to exceed the expectations of our customers as well as established industry standards.  Canadians can trust Canada Vapes to be fair, ethical, and conduct business in a responsible manner both in-store & online. You can even leave a review on our BBB Profile if you're keen!

"Win it before you can buy it" Contest:  Canada Vapes would to thank everyone who participated in our ‘Win it before you can buy it' Social Media Contest on Facebook & Instagram throughout September! We are so grateful to have such engaging customers & fans. Congratulations to Rondi Anderson of Alberta on winning the Facebook Uwell Caliburn Prize Pack and Heather Nunweller of Ontario on winning the Instagram Uwell Caliburn Prize Pack. Be sure to get involved when you see future contests & give-aways on Facebook & Instagram. Good luck!

Recent Negative Press RE: Vaping:  As many of you may be aware the vaping industry, and indirectly our business, has been put in the spotlight in recent weeks due to a increase in negative headlines & articles.  This has caused a great deal of fear, confusion, and misinformation which had led many of our customers to contact Canada Vapes for clarification, reassurance, and details relating to our products. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a formal response to these recent developments thoughtfully prepared by Ownership - Please follow the link HERE to view our statement in its entirety.

'Win it before you can buy it' Contest:  Canada Vapes would to thank everyone who participated in our ‘Win it before you can buy it' Social Media Contest on Facebook throughout August!  We are so humbled to have such amazing customers & fans.  Congratulations once again Joseph Cook of Newfoundland on winning the Vaporesso GEN Prize Pack (valued over $200).  Be sure to keep an eye out for more exciting contests & give-aways each month on Facebook & Instagram 😀

Annual Price Calibration:  Canada Vapes is committed to a number of core principles & values; one of which is offering Canadians excellent value!  In this pursuit, we have recently completed extensive market research to ensure our pricing is both an excellent value for our customers and sustainable for our business.  This has included many price reductions so that our loyal customers know they are getting good, fair prices as part of their experience with Canada Vapes. We are always working hard to exceed the expectations and we are confident you will enjoy the thoughtful price adjustment across our website.

1.5MG Nicotine Strength Now Available:  We are excited to announce the introduction of a 1.5mg/ml nicotine strength option for all Canada Vapes e-liquid flavours. Yes, that is all flavours AND all bottle sizes. Everyone has different needs & goals, so by offering our customers an ultra-low nicotine option it allows for greater control of your vaping experience. For those looking to 'step-down' their nicotine levels over time this is a great way to transition away from higher nicotine levels, and for others is may simply be a personal preference. Now you're in control; whatever you prefer we've got you covered Canada!

Twelve Monkeys Salts:  By popular demand we are expanding our e-liquid line-up to include Twelve Monkeys Salts.  Available now in seven unique Origins flavours (30ml) and three nicotine strengths (12MG, 24MG, and 36MG) these 'nic salts' are not for the faint of heart.  For those seeking higher nicotine strengths and a smoother delivery nicotine salts are definitely worth a closer look. Still want to learn more about Nic Salts? Check out our "Everything you ever wanted to know about Nic Salts" information page!

IMPORTANT: Nicotine Salts are not compatible with all devices or coil options. Carefully review your device specifications before using nic salts in order to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience. 

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner:  Here are three recent contest winners we’d like to congratulate! We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our ‘Buy More, Get More’ Sales Event AND our May Social Media Contests.  We are so grateful to have such loyal customers & fans.  Be sure to keep an eye out for more exciting contests & give-aways each month 😀

  • Kailee Robbins, London, ON:  $250 Store Credit Winner
  • Brad Schnurr, London, ON:  SMOK Infinix Prize Pack (Facebook)
  • Taylor Gallant, London, ON: SMOK Infinix Prize Pack (Instagram)

Kitchen Experiments:  Please note that we have discontinued our Kitchen Experiments program.  Thank you to all who took the time to share their feedback with us. New delicious flavours are always in development.

Refer-a-friend Incentive (Online):  I am happy to announce that the Refer-a-friend incentive has been reinstated on our Homepage – along with a new-look linkable banner & information page.  It is quite generous as it offer customers a free 60ml bottle for a referring a friend/family member AND a $20 store credit to the new, first time customer.