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Davide Mini Dual Coil Glassomizer




This glassomizer uses Aspire BDC Coils and Aspire BVC Coils

SPECIAL FILLING NOTICE: This product has small inset filling holes and requires a Needle tip to fill.  YOU CANNOT FILL WITH OUR STANDARD DRIP TIPS on our bottles.  You must have a needle tipped bottle or stainless steel bottle to fill.

After amazing success with our Davide dual coil glassomizer, we could not wait to get our hands on the newest Davide mini version!  This awesome little vaping unit uses the same dual coil heating coils as the Davide dual coil glassomizer, but is a thinner version.  The Davide mini glassomizer is the best built and highest quality e-cigarette accessory on the marketplace, and is now updated to dual coil!  Double the heating ability will mean more vapor and a bigger draw.    Hand designed and meticulously manufactured, it is leak proof, bottom feeding with replaceable heating coils that deliver perfect vapor every draw from beginning to end.  Long lasting and durable, this is a fantastic product.  The Glassomizer holds approximately 3.5ml of e-liquid.  The dual coil heating coils come in 2 different OHM ratings, 1.8, and 2.2,

The Davide mini Glassomizer is the latest innovative clearomizer with the pyrex glass tube locking system and BCC (bottom coil changeable) technology launched by Anyvape.  It is designed by the first class designer Davide YH.  It features a state of the art body and quality vapour function.

It features

  1. Unique innovative tube locking system makes the Pyrex glass tube changeable, safer, and more economic and easier to clean.
  2. Changeable metal drip tip! Compatible with all 510 style drip tips.

Your Davide Glassomizer includes:

  • 1 Davide Mini Glasomizer with dual coil heating coil
  • 1 additional replacement dual coil heating coils
  • 4 large rubber replacement rings and 3 small rubber replacement rings


The Davide mini dual coil glassomizer has a replaceable heating coil, which means you can re-use the unit again and again, just swap out the heating coil when it burns out. 


A few little tips:

  • When unscrewing the unit off of your battery, ensure that you grasp the glassomizer by base so that you don't unscrew the glassomizer itself. 
  • If you find the pull too airy, you can plug one of the three intake holes along the side fo the devise with a small piece of clear tape, or a dab of glue.  With this unit it is defiantly best to take gentle long pulls to optimize vapor production.
  • The Glassomizer can easily be cleaned by running some distilled water through it.  You can also use a Q-Tip and run it through the inside and around the outside of the inner e-liquid compartment.
  • Sometimes condensation can occur on the inside of the mouthpiece.  This is normal and does not affect performance in any way.

NOTE: The Davide mini Glassomizer require a needle tip attachment to fill.  You cannot drip into them.


It is recommended to use a needle bottle tip or a syringe to fill.

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