Joyetech Ego AIO D22 XL Kit

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Joyetech Ego AIO D22 XL Kit


Includes a 30ml bottle of Canada Vapes E-Juice Free!

The Ego AIO D22 XL uses Joytech Ego AIO Coils

The AIO D22 XL Starter kit is a slightly larger version of the super popular Joyetech AIO.  Not too much has changed from the original design, except that the D22 is slightly fatter, slightly shorter, and the battery life has increased from 1500mah of the original to 2200mah.  This will increase the time between chargers by about 30%.   It is called the D22 because it is 22mm wide, which is 3mm wider then the Joyetech AIO, at 19mm.  The length of the Joyetech AIO XL is 131mm tall, and it holds 3.5ml of e-liquid per fill.  The coils are interchangeable between the original Joyetech AIO and the new Joyetech AIO D22 XL unit, so there are no issues there. 

As with the original Joyetech AIO, t he atomizer cap has a built in child lock system preventing it from being accidentally opened.  You need to push and twist in order to open your atomizer cap.  The Joyetech AIO XL also uses two sets of battery protection circuit system, protecting you from over-charging, over-current, and over-discharging.  This makes it one of the most reliable and safe battery systems available.  The Joyetech AIO XL has built in LED lights that can be switched between 4 super slick colours. 



  • Adjustable airflow
  • "never leak" Cubis design
  • Small and sleek
  • Powerful 2200mah battery
  • Automatic (no adjusting voltage or wattage)
  • 6 awesome colour choices

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