Aspire ET-S Glassomizer

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Aspire ET-S Glassomizer


The Aspire ET-S is a nice medium sized high quality glassomizer that takes advantage of the awesome capabilities of the Aspire Bottom Vertical 1.6ohm Heating Coils.  It holds approximately 3.0ml of e-liquid, but is not as big and bulky as some of the other 3ml+ clearomizer/glassomizers.  It has a built in steel mouthpiece, and is a bit longer then some of the other units in the marketplace, but it is the same width as EGO & Spinner batteries. We think it looks slick on these style batteries and is made of high quality Pyrex glass resulting in a very strong & durable glassomizer.



Helpful Tips:

To fill your glassomizer:

  • Turn the unit upside down and unscrew the bottom.
  • Set the bottom unit aside.
  • Run E-liquid along the outside edge of the clearomizer, looking through the window at the side
  • Only fill until the e-liquid is just below the center airflow tube.
  • Do not get e-liquid into the center airflow tube
  • When you are done filling, keep unit upside down and screw base back in.
  • Give a gentle blow into your mouthpiece after filling to ensure the airflow tube is clear.

Dry Burning taste?

  • Not enough e-liquid – Refill
  • E-liquid not getting to heating element – Take several still draws without activating your battery
  • (IF APPLICABLE) Your battery voltage is set too high, turn down your battery voltage.
  • Your heating coil has worn out.  Replace heating coil.

Gurgling / E-liquid getting into airflow hole or into mouth?

  • Blow through your mouthpiece until no e-liquid comes out of the small intake holes as the side of your clearomizer
  • Ensure that your heating coil is firmly screwed in
  • Ensure that the base is screwed in tightly and not threaded properly
  • You have overfilled your clearomizer. 
  • Your heating coil has worn out.  Replace heating coil.

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