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Trustfire USB 18650 Lithium Charger TR-016

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Trustfire TR-016 USB Lithium Battery Charger

The Trustfire TR-016 is the newest and smallest 18650 USB battery charger.  Capable of charging 2 18650 batteries through any USB port, its a quick and easy way to charge your 18650 batteries using a laptop, computer, video game console, or anywhere you find a USB connection.  Also an easier way to charge them while driving through while using it with our USB Car Charger.  You can also use this charger with an AC adapter to have dual options of charging by USB or by a wall plug.  When installing your battery, the light will turn red until your battery is hcarged, when it will turn green, letting you know your vape battery is charged and ready to go!

Trustfire 18650 USB battery charger specifications:

  • Three-stage charging (TC-CC-CV)
  • Soft-start function and over-discharged battery activation function
  • Perfect Protection Function
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over current protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reversed battery protection
  • Identify input voltage and the rechargeable battery quantity intelligently,adjust the charging current automatically
  • Two LED indicators display the charging status
  • Two independent charging slots, can charge two pcs 3.7V 10440 /14500/16340 /17335 17670 /18350/18500 /18650 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries at one time
  • Approved RoHS.CE certificates
  • When fully charged, it stops charging automatically
  • Can charge IMR high drain battery



Input:5.0V – 1.0A(1.5A MAX)

Output: 4.2V  –  2×0.55A(0.65A MAX)

Compatible batteries:10440 /14500/16340 /17335 17670 /18350/18500 /18650(3.7V)

Operating temperature: -20℃- 40℃

Dimension: 100MMx41MMx30MM (length/width/height)

Net weight: 44g

Packing components: TR-016 charger.USB cable


1.Plug the USB charging cable into one end of the TR-016 charger Micro USB interface, and the other end into the USB-powered supply device or adapter, charger indicator light is green, and charger on standby state at this time.

2.Installing batteries: place the right size rechargeable lithium-ion battery into the charger slot.

3.Battery testing: when place in the battery, charger will test the battery, once testing is completed, it will be normal charging and indicator light is red.If an anomaly is detected, such as reversed battery, the indicator light under the charger is green color and it can’t be properly charged.

4.Charging progress: when the battery is fully charged, the indicator light from red to green.


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