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Voopoo Vinci Coils

Voopoo Vinci Coils




Voopoo Vinci Coils (5 Pack)

A 5 Pack of replacement Voopoo Vinci coils are now available at Canada Vapes. This is the latest technology from Voopoo which features various options depending on your vaping style; depending on the ohm rating, material, and design each coil will bring a different benefit to your experience. Those familiar with the previous Voopoo coil options should find these coils to be a superior, light-sub ohm experience in comparison. One of the reasons we love the Voopoo Vinci system is that it can accommodate both Direct Lung vapers and Mouth-to-Lung vapers. We have included some information below so you can best determine which coil will work best with your vaping style & preference.

  • VOOPOO Vinci PnP-VM1 0.3ohm Regular Coil: Direct Lung, Power Range 32 – 40 Watts, Low Nicotine Strengths
  • VOOPOO Vinci PnP-VM4 0.6ohm Meshed Coil: Direct Lung, Power Range 20 – 28 Watts, Higher Nicotine Strengths
  • VOOPOO Vinci PnP-R1 0.8pohm Ceramic Coil:  Mouth-to-lung, Power Range 12 – 18 Watts, All Nicotine Strengths

Product Includes:

  • 5 X Voopoo Vinci Coils

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